Furmitt the Krog - Mister Right

YouTube via ionraygun
"Furmitt the Krog, a lovable green puppet made out of foam rubber and felt sings a song about all of the good girls and what they appear to be looking for in mister right... apparently it is not him.

Nice guys finish last.. but do Krogs even finish at all?

Shot on a Nikon D90 in my home studio with a backdrop of modular synthesizers and various toy keyboards and drum machines."

My Minimoog Lives with a DotCom but loves a Buchla!!!

YouTube via angelometz. follow-up to this post.
"Trying to get some Buchla like sounds out of my dotcom."

wanna buchla!!! Minimoog love story part 2!

YouTube via angelometz
"Jamming with the minimoog over a ramdom buchla like sequence out of the"

etwas Modulargedudel…

via Aliens Project:
"An einem Sonntag findet man auch mal wieder etwas Zeit, um ein völlig sinnloses “Irgendwas” am Modularsystem zu patchen. Viel Spaß beim Anhören:"

"On a Sunday you can find a little time once again to a completely senseless "Something" on the modular system to patch. Have fun listening to:" [Original link / Googlish link]

"For my Sunday Modular Gedudel were the dotcom and the PPG-300 modular synthesizer used. The analog strings came from Solina string ensemble and the beats of an old Roland CR-78, including the master clock (trigger) gifts.

As the effects came Jomox T-Resonator for the CR-78 Drums and a Monacor REV-25 for the PPG-300 is used. The strings were stopped by PPG Voltage Controlled modifier and a DC-50 Roland chorus skillfully. "

Nemo Rising

YouTube via modularland
"Modularland welcomes the arrival of the Genoqs Nemo Sequencer with a Nemo sequenced music track and video accompaniment. This track features melodies sequenced by the Nemo and synthesized by, MacBeth M5N, Cynthia, and Modcan. Heavy editing, processing, MacBeth pads, and effects done online. One of the operators of Modularland also makes a brief cameo."

corso musica elettronica

YouTube via IITMRoma. Note there are 20 videos in this set. Forward through them if you don't see what you like up front. Don't miss the modular in vid 12 on.

A humble theme

YouTube via attorks
"The self build Modular (MFM) doing the african drum like sound and the with the CGS Steiner filter and the Ian Fritz 5-Pulser doing the odd note. Some improvisation on the AX80, the theme on the Nord Lead 1 and a singing G on the Kawai 100F completes the music."

VICMOD Ensemble live @ Make it Up Club

VICMOD Ensemble live @ Make it Up Club from abre ojos on Vimeo.
"VICMOD is a Melbourne based group that meet up once a month to build and discuss modular synths and occasionally we jam. This is five of the members performing at Make It Up Club a live improv night at Bar Open in Melbourne Australia.

Shot with a HV20 on a stationary tripod. Sound recorded straight off the mixer by Stephen Richards via an Indigo card & Powerbook in Ableton Live."

via Ross:

Taken from the Modular Synth night, Make It Up Club 25 Nov 2008, Melbourne, Australia.

Here is the complete show all 29 mins in either Vimeo or mp3.
This time you will see the modular synths in action, not just a crowd shot POV.
You will see Buchla 200e, Euro Modular synths (ElbyDesign/Ken Stone, Livewire, The Harvestman, Doepfer,Plan B etc) Dot Com modulars, fx etc.
Most members are playing modules they built themselves!

access downloads via Abre Ojos VIMEO <>
Mp3 to follow
Many thanks to Scott for all the amazing work :-)"

The Utopia synth bass in context

YouTube via RothHandle
"I had some spare time today so I started messing with a little track using the utopia synth as the bass...

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