synth tutorials

synth tutorials

LividStep: step sequencer made in Max For Live

LividStep: step sequencer made in Max For Live from Livid Instruments on Vimeo.

"This details the major functions of Livid's Max For Live device, LividStep, including playback, how to: add and change sequences, control timing, navigate Live, and control instruments, all from the Livid controller.
The device works in Ableton Live with Livid ohm64 and block MIDI controllers. The device creates an eight step sequencer on one row of the 64 button grid. Fill eight live tracks with eight devices to fill the grid. Each sequence has independent time control for a huge variety of rhythmic possibility.
And, if you make it to the end, yes, the irritation at those who don't use a Livid controller is real and palpable :)"

What is Frequency Modulation? 1, the concept.

YouTube via LoudonYukon
"This is the first of 3 videos covering frequency modulation and the Operator synth. This Was made in a previous version of Operator but the concepts and techniques are still very valid. These videos were made to go along with my Advanced Production in Ableton Live, but didn't make it into the course, so I thought everyone could benefit here on youtube and my blog( http://loudonstearns.berkleemusicblog... ) instead!"

What is Frequency Modulation? 2, Simple Ratios

"This video goes into more practical applications of Frequency Modulation synthesis. The importance of simple ratios between the Carrier and Modulators is stressed. The techniques are shown on the Operator Synth in Ableton Live, but can be applied on any synth that includes FM."

I'll post part 3 when it goes up.

Making an "electro" bass with Trilian from Spectrasonics

Making an "electro" bass with Trilian from Spectrasonics from MIDIHead on Vimeo.

"Michael shows you how to crack open Trilian and create a quick and painless bass sound, specifically for 'electro' styles of music."

Fatten Drum Tracks with PX-64 Percussion Strip & V-Studio 700

YouTube via CakewalkSoftware
"Using the V-Studio 700 and SONAR 8.5's full suite of effects processors for percussion (namely the PX-64 Percussion Strip) to mix recorded drum tracks."

maxforlive: monome integration

YouTube via stretta
"more cool stuff at It is one thing to adapt max patches for maxforlive but it is another thing entirely to construct them so they can handle multiple instances without stepping all over each other by accessing the same data. Then there is the issue of telling monomeserial which instance has control of the monome hardware.

I wanted to make it elegant to use. For example, if you click on a track in live that has a monome application running, that monome application is in focus on the hardware. It is this level of integration that makes maxforlive so appealing. So, now you can run as many obos, polygomes, stepfilters, or automatorgators as you like, and the monome switches between them effortlessly. Once you have everything set up, you can save your project for later recall."

DCAM Synth Squad Quicktip 15 - Strobe's Oscillator Sync

YouTube via FXpansion. Search for FXpansion on the top left for more.
"Here we take a closer look at Strobe's Oscillator Sync function.

For more information on DCAM Synth Squad, please visit:"

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