synth tutorials

synth tutorials

Sound design with FabFilter Twin 2 - Part one

YouTube via fabfilter
"This tutorial is an introduction two designing your own sounds with the FabFilter Twin 2 software synthesizer. Dan Worral explains how to make a cool pad or lead sound, and show how to setup basic modulation using the drag-and-drop system."

Yamaha DTX-12 Multi Pad Review - Sonic LAB

YouTube via sonicstate
" takes a look at the electronic pad system from Yamaha. The latest in the DTX range.
For the full accompanying article and more videos:"

52 Reason / record tips - week 4: Unlocking the secrets of CV & Gate.

YouTube via PropellerheadSW
"Week 4 is here and this time James shows you the basics of the Contol Volt and Gate features in Reason and Record. Many users shy away from CV/Gate for fear of not knowing what they do, but CV/Gate is an immensely powerful feature and quite straightforward to use once you grasp the basic concept."

FL Studio Guru - Edison Harmonic Filtering

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"Visit the FL Studio Guru Blog at

The Harmonic Filtering tool associated with Edison's EQ is very useful when you want to clean up instruments samples that have background noise or, as in this case, 'bow scrape' from a violin.

I will upload the violin sample used in this tutorial to Looptalk so you can download it and check it out for yourself."

Launchpad controlling a MAQ16/3 using Live

YouTube via attorks
"Thanks to YouTube user audibleobsession I managed to program Ableton Live to be able to control the Doepfer MAQ16/3 sequencer with the Novation Launchpad. There are still 2 problems with that:
1- When I push the buttons in user1 mode I can hear the MAQ16/3 going a little out of sync with the Live tempo. I managed to work around this by disabling the MIDI output to the Launchpad in Live. Disadvantage is that all the LEDs are disabled in the user1 and user2 modes so there is no visual feedback.
2- When I push a button (e.g. first step = 2) for sequencer row 1 and then switch to sequencer row 2, when pushing the same button the MIDI message does not seem to be sent. I first have to push another button (e.g. first step = 3) which then transmit OK and then push the button I intended to push which then also transmits OK. I guess it has something to do with AutoMap.

Another limitation is the Ableton Live version that comes with the Launchpad which has a maximum of 8 MIDI and 8 audio tracks. I used 5 MIDI tracks in Live to control the MAQ16/3 in nearly the same manner I did in the last video. I am only using the top 4 rows in user1 mode. The buttons on the first row turns step 1 to 8 off and the second row turns step 1 to 8 on. The third row sets the first step of the 8 step sequence and the forth row sets the last step of the 8 step sequence. Also the top 4 arrow buttons on the right are used. The first one turns all the steps off and the second all the steps on. The third one chooses the first row on the MAQ16/3 sequencer and the forth one chooses the second row on the MAQ16/3 sequencer. You first have to choose the row on the sequencer whereafter the buttons apply for that row.

The first row on the MAQ16/3 sequencer drives the Modular and the second row the self-built Modular. The MAQ16/3 is also synchronized with the tempo from Live. Vertical row 7 controls the Creamware MiniMax ASB which does the bass notes. The other rows contain samples from Live and some of my own.

I intended to also capture the Ableton Live screen to give you a view whats going in Ableton Live but that AVI file turned out to be corrupt after the recording was finished. The full video is about 13 minutes which I will upload soon to my website."

Dubspot: Dubstep Snares: Vocoder: Ableton Live

YouTube via DubSpot
"Michael Hatsis shows off one of the many uses of Ableton's Vocoder. In this Video, he demonstrates how to thicken up a snare - Dubstep style. Subscribe to be notified of new tutorials. Also, Check out for More production tutorials and tips."
more vid here

DubSpot: Akai APC40 Demo w/ Ableton Live 8

YouTube via DubSpot
"Ableton's Dennis Desantis showcased the New Ableton Live 8 and APC 40 @ dubSpot."

KAOSSILATOR PRO & KP3 Comparison - In The Studio with Korg.mp4

YouTube via KorgUSAVideos
"Korg's new KAOSSILATOR PRO Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer/Loop Recorder may look like the KP3 KAOSS Pad Dynamic Effects Sampler, but they are very different... This video shows you what makes them unique."

KAOSSILATOR PRO- Recording External Audio - In The Studio with Korg.mp4

"One of the greatest features of the new KAOSSILATOR PRO is its ability to record external audio, with or without effects, and loop it the same way you would with the internal sounds. This video will show you how it works!"

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