synth tutorials

synth tutorials

Elektron sequencer tutorial - conditional locks

Published on Mar 2, 2018 Seen From Space

"Analog Four, Digitakt, Digitone, Analog Rytm sequencers all have the conditional locks feature. How it's done, plus some tips on using it to produce musically pleasing patterns."

Endorphines Shuttle Filter Feedback

Published on Mar 2, 2018 Todd Barton

"the explorations continue . . . this time playing with filter feedback!"

All parts here.

How To Learn Yamaha DX7 Like A Pro, BT - How To Pick A Right Algorithm

Published on Mar 2, 2018 Power DX7

"Do you want to know how BT, a pro musician, composer and technologist learn about FM synthesis?

Do you want to know how DX7/ FM synthesis pros like Power DX7 creates amazing DX7 sounds?

Watch this video and learn Yamaha DX7 and FM synthesis like a Pro!

It's been a honour for Power DX7 to be recognised by a talented composer, musician & technologist like


Published on Mar 2, 2018 Michael Kert

"Video contain a DIY TUTORIAL making glassy, wacky ARPEGGIOs which turn into groovy beats with the ELEKTRON DIGITONE. A LIVE JAM Session DEMO for beautiful ambient arpeggio sound modulated into a groovy KICK and HHAT beats.
Digitone is a very special eight voice digital synthesizer. It combines a modernized FM implementation with a classic subtractive

Tapographic Delay (TAPO) - Quantization

Published on Mar 1, 2018 4mspedals

"The Quantization feature is available starting in firmware version 1.1. Upgrade your Tapographic Delay by downloading the latest firmware file here:"

New Moog Subsequent 37 Tutorial Videos

Published on Feb 28, 2018 Moog Music Inc


1. Subsequent 37 | Processing External Audio
2. Subsequent 37 | Exploring Filter Poles
3. Subsequent 37 | How to Play the Filter as a Sine Wave Oscillator

3 Eurorack Filter Clones Compared

Published on Feb 18, 2018 poorness studios

"I have 3 Eurorack filters and they all happen to be clones of vintage synths. I did a side-by-side comparison of the Doepfer A-124 (EDP Wasp clone), STG Soundlabs Sea Devils (EMS Synthi clone), and Harvestman Polivoks VCF (Polivoks clone).

Check out this video for more details on the A-124 self-oscilaltion mod:"

DIY Project 11: Doepfer A-124 WASP

Bassline and Chords with System Cartesian

Published on Feb 28, 2018 MAKEN0ISE

"Using the tELHARMONIC we can generate diatonic chord progressions pretty easily, while the STO plays a related bassline.

Echoes provided by soundhack ++delay:"

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