synth tutorials

synth tutorials

The Stillson Hammer MKII Tutorial 2.01Firmware

Published on Mar 6, 2018 Robotopsy Robotopsy

"The Stillson Hammer MKII firmware 2.01 Tutorial now available with a new annoying voice."

The Stillson Hammer MKII Tutorial 1.666 Firmware

TE PO-35 Speak Introduction

Published on Mar 6, 2018 Red Means Recording

"A brief introduction to the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-35 Speak speech synthesis sampler.

0:22 Overview
2:06 Layout
4:02 Sample FX
4:42 Recording Samples
5:05 Clearing & Syncing to other POs
5:31 The Drum Machine
5:49 Vocal FX & Pattern FX
6:34 Key Changing
7:14 Play Button???????
7:36 Sequencing & Recording
10:02 Power, Checking

Eurorack for Beginners Series by Noir Et Blanc Vie

Published on Mar 6, 2018 Noir Et Blanc Vie


1. Eurorack for Beginners Series - Part 1 of 3 - The First Things You'll Need
I truly hope this series will help some of you who are still wondering if starting a eurorack is right for you.

2. Eurorack for Beginners Series - Part 2 of 3 - Smart Module Selection
Module selection is a huge part when you're starting a Eurorack synth, I

Intro to Synthesis Part 5: How to Use Amp Envelopes and Filter Envelopes | Reverb Learn To Play

Published on Mar 5, 2018

"How do you create "reversed guitar" using envelopes? In this installment of Intro to Synthesis, Justin DeLay is on hand to show us some fun tricks and techniques that you can achieve using envelopes, shaping and sculpting your sound to really extend your sonic reach as a synth artist.

Read more on Reverb:"

All parts here.

Mutable Instruments Peaks Overview

Published on Mar 5, 2018 once upon a synth

"Quick tour of the Mutable Instruments Peaks eurorack module. I go over the basics of the front panel then do a rapid fire demo of all its 8 different functions. The peaks is an LFO, ADSR envelope generator, Tap tempo LFO, drum synth, mini sequencer, trigger delay and trigger randomizer. It's a swiss army knife module that is very versatile."

Quick synth tip: How to play pads/chords with a MONO synth (MiniBrute 2, Z-DSP, Clouds, Disting)

Published on Mar 5, 2018 loopop

"Mono synths are great for lead or bass lines, but if you're in a jam (pun not intended...) and need to play chords or pads, here's a quick trick that will solve that problem for you."

Qu bit electronix pulsar module demo by andy pidcock

Published on Mar 3, 2018 Andy Pidcock

"Qu bit's pulsar module has become central to my eurorack modular system and thought it was worth a shout out with a video all of it's own (module has not been given to me by Qu bit for 'a' review F.Y.I.) I know I won't have covered everything but have done my best !
complaints to management ok.

Thanks all.

Camera: Zoom Q2n"

Mutable Instruments - Plaits - Stereo Demo Jam

Published on Mar 3, 2018 DivKidVideo

"Here's my first video with Plaits from Mutable Instruments. For the most part I have the module patched in stereo with the main out panned hard left and the aux out panned main right. Now this ISN'T a stereo module but for the sake of demoing two sounds at once (headphones will help you here) and also showing that some of the modes do work really well in


Published on Mar 3, 2018 Michael Kert

"Video contain a DIY TUTORIAL making atmospheric AMBIENT music which turn into hard TECHNO beats with the ELEKTRON DIGITONE. A LIVE JAM Session DEMO for beautiful ambient sound modulated into hard KICK and HHAT beats.
Digitone is a very special eight voice digital synthesizer. It combines a modernized FM implementation with a classic subtractive synthesis

Live expression on DIGITONE and ANALOG FOUR/KEYS: How to bring sounds to life

Published on Mar 1, 2018 loopop

"If you're not using an external keyboard's modulations to contol your\ sounds, you're missing out on a lot. Here's how to bring sounds to life on the Elektron Digitone, Analog Four (both MK1 and MK2) and Keys."

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