Synth Movies

Synth Movies

Museum Of Synthesizer Technology DVD B-Roll footage

Published on Feb 27, 2018

"Taken from the limited edition DVD of Mr. Martin Newcomb's Museum of Synthesizer Technology mid-1990's. The DVD's were hand-made."

Note the plaque in the opening reads: "This Museum Was Opened By DR R.A. Moog On 29th July 1994"

The New World of Synthesizer in Osaka Documentary

Published on Dec 12, 2017 ビデックスJP

Two pics via Amazon. Note Risa aka Synthesizer Girl.

"『ナニワのシンセ界 ~The New World of Synthesizer in Osaka~』はビデックスJPで配信中!




Synthposium: Vyacheslav Grigoriev

Published on Aug 29, 2017 INRUSSIA

"Moscow-based synth designer and engineer Vyacheslav Grigoriev runs a unique workshop that comes to life only at night.

camera: Sergey Kostromin
edit: Rostislav Smirnyagin
sound: Ivan Merkulov
interview: Sergey Shpilevoy
producer: Yana Krylova

music by RITM-2, Vlad Dobrovolski (Kotä Records)"

A LIFE IN WAVES - Documentary on Suzanne Ciani Now Available for Streaming

Published on Jul 2, 2017 FilmBuff Movies

"If you watched TV, went to the movies, or listened to the radio in the 80s and 90s, you probably heard Suzanne Ciani's work, whether you knew it or not. Suzanne is a five-time Grammy nominated composer, electronic music pioneer, and neo-classical recording artist whose work has been featured in countless commercials, video games, and feature films. "A

Vintage Electronic Soul 'Vintage synthesizers' ( documentary' 2017)

Published on Jul 21, 2017 AnalogSynthMuseum

"The story of electronic music instruments"

Note this one appears to be a collage of previous synth oriented videos and not a previously released documentary. See how many you recognize from previous posts. There are likely some new clips as well.

SUBOTNICK The Making of Silver Apples of the Moon & the first Buchla 100

Published on Jun 27, 2017 Waveshaper Media

SUBOTNICK: The First Buchla 100

Published on Jul 5, 2017 Waveshaper Media

"Excerpts from SUBOTNICK, a forthcoming documentary on avant-garde electronic music composer Morton Subotnick, now raising funds via Indiegogo: [the funding goal of $40,000 has just been met]

In 1963, Morton Subotnick and Ramon Sender, the two

SUBOTNICK: Suzanne Ciani on Morton Subotnick

Published on Jun 13, 2017 Waveshaper Media

"Electronic / New Age composer Suzanne Ciani talks about Morton Subotnick and their connection with the Buchla modular synthesizer. Excerpts from an interview for the film SUBOTNICK, now fundraising on Indiegogo:"

New Documentary: SUBOTNICK - Portrait of an Electronic Music Pioneer

Published on May 22, 2017 Waveshaper Media

"An upcoming, official bio-doc on electronic music pioneer, Morton Subotnick. Fundraising NOW on IndieGoGo (from May 23 - June 21, 2017):

Waveshaper Media, the makers of 2014's acclaimed modular synthesizer documentary 'I Dream Of Wires,' is excited to announce that production is now underway for a new, official

Galaxy of Terror Original Soundtrack to be Re-Released on Vinyl

Barry Schrader composed the soundtrack for Galaxy of Terror entirely on a Buchla 200. The film was re-released on DVD and Blu-Ray back in 2010. You can read an excerpt from Barry here. You can also read about it in my interview with Barry here (scroll down to get to the section on Galaxy of Terror).

via Pure Destructive Records:

"Pure Destructive Records is proud to announce, for the

Syrinx [Documentary]

Published on Apr 27, 2017 RVNG Intl.

"Directed by Zoe Kirk-Gushowaty.

Learn more at RVNG:"

Featuring the ARP 2500 & vintage Moog modular systems.

"After Intersystems dissolution, Mills-Cockell journeyed to Canada’s west coast to work on an album of original synth-based compositions using his multi-suitcase Moog as the primary instrument. Pringle was enlisted

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