synth guts

synth guts

Moog Prodigy SN 6891

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Some great shots of the inside. Check out all the colors! :)

Yamaha CS-60 Restoration (Part 2 of 3) - Cleaning Guide, Calibration, Velocity-Aftertouch

Published on Apr 12, 2017 GOLT !

"How the velocity/aftertouch works in a Yamaha CS-60 and how to clean and calibrate the synthesizer."

Part 1 here.

Excellent Synthesizer Roland U-220 Inside View and Sound Example

Published on Apr 11, 2017 soundadapter

Roland U-220 RS-PCM multi-timbral sound module
Music: Frank Michael Lischka
Camera: Panasonic HC-X929


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Here's an interesting one spotted and sent in via Florian Anwander.

"An extremely remarkable tape echo. I have never seen it before. Appearently it is possible to place the replay heads in many different positions. No used parts of the circle are filled with idler pulleys"

Behringer Minimoog Model D Update - Working Prototype - Behringer to Donate All Proceeds to Moog

An update via Uli:

"Allow me to provide you with an update.

The Model D prototype is now up and running and all functions seem to be working well.

Next week our system engineer will go through a rigorous testing procedure and meticulously compare every stage with the MiniMoog reference sample.

Next is the MIDI software implementation which will take around 1-2 weeks.

We expect the metal,

Roland JD-800 Keyboard Contact Board Fix

Published on Feb 18, 2017 Babe Salt

"Possible fix for a separated green contact strip on Roland JD-800. Music composed on Korg iMS-20."

Roland JD-800 Keyboard Contact Board Fix
Cleaning Roland JD-800 Keys [red glue problem]
Roland JD-800 Keyboard Repair

Inside an Oberheim Xpander

via Thesis Audio

"We found these markings inside a 1984 Oberheim Xpander that we have in the shop for restoration and repairs. Looks like one wooden end panel was OK, but the other needed more work!"

Restore and review of Roland CM-300

Published on Mar 24, 2017 8-Bit Keys

Inside a Roland CM-300. Check out the extended power button. Video includes how to get rid of that old stained plastic with the "retrobright" process. Video also features a super rare 10" vinyl of Anders Enger Jensen's Retro Grooves EP, limited to 4 cut copies. There's some retro gaming using the CM-300 for audio at the end.

Preen PreenFM2 Desktop FM Synthesizer - Loaded with over 100 DX7 Sysex Banks

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Some pics of the inside below.  SoLatelyBass on the display to the left is a reference to the Yamaha TX81Z's classic LatelyBass preset.

via the listing: "Bought the kit from VanDaal Electronics (Creator of the metal enclosure).
Good easy build that includes screen mod for the OLED screen.

Great FM desktop synth with lots of custom DX7 sysex banks that are loaded on the USB

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