synth guts

synth guts

The Mellotron M300

The following are some videos sent in via JB Emond (MuStudio). Be sure to see candor chasma for more info on the M300.Mellotron M300 - Mécanisme des banques sons et rythmesYouTube via jbfairlight — May 11, 2010 — "Cette vidéo montre le système de repérage de synchronisation des bandes lors d'un changement de banque sonore. A gauche les sons et a droite la partie rythme !Le Mellotron de cette

Catgirl Synth Burst Generator - MOTM Format

via this auction"Designed by Ken Stone of Cat Girl Synth.This module is a rhythm and timing accessory. It generates a burst of gate or trigger pulses at various speeds as set from a front panel control.At higher speeds it can be used for washboard, maracas or similar rapid-burst percussive effects when connected to the appropriate sound generating device such as a ringing oscillator. At lower

ARP 2600 Modular Analog Synthesizer w/ 3620 Keyboard

via this auction"ARP 2601 v.2 1979 Modular Analog Synthesizer with 3620 Biphonic Keyboard This Vintage ARP 2601 v.2 is the latest available model of the ARP synthesizer and benefits from most of the factory’s improvements on the mechanical and functional issues. The 3620 keyboard is the most functional and lively ARP keyboard. In 1985, this actual machine has been optimized and adapted to meet

Roland TR 808

via this auction"original Roland TR 808What has been done ?★ power supply caps changed★ all old Alps switches changed★ cleaned and factory adjustedHave a look at the pictures below to see what has been done.If you want to have the 808 with Midi upgrade we can offer a CHD for EUR 149,- incl. work.All original old caps and switches which were replaced will be included."inside a Roland TR-808

Dave smith instruments voice board

via this auction"Dave Smith Instruments 4 voice board. I acquired this board as new for a synth repair project tha never came to be. I think this goes to the poly evolver rack."

Alesis Ion Key Replacement

YouTube via betteroffted23 — December 28, 2009 — "Just a quick video of my hands replacing a key on an Alesis Ion.If you need to remove your Ion's key bed but don't have a service manual, just remove the 10 screws from the bottom that form a rectangle directly under the keys."


via this auctionAs always read the auction descriptions in full if you plan to bid. This one powers up but does not produce any sound.inside an OB-XUpdate via Gavin in the comments: "you should do a synth guts label"Done. Remind me if I miss any in future posts and feel free to comment in older. I'll add some in a bit.

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