synth guts

synth guts


via this auctionmore pics at the auction while up.details for the archives:"vintage 1976 Godwin Guitar Organ made by Sisme. Considered the absolute premier “Guitorgan,” this 13-knob/19-switch version is the more deluxe of the two manufactured in Italy for Godwin in the mid-1970’s. While those fortunate enough to have heard a working Godwin guitorgan respect it as the most authentic

Rheem Key Bass

via this auction"Famous gnarly bass keyboard synth. Old "toaster" style AC power inlet replaced with cord. No lid. Finish generally EXC- but with a few hairline cracks. Keys below lower E and above upper G perform erratically. Bass booster slider works fine and adds considerable volume and girth. Tone switch works fine. Fuzz switch works fine. Mode switch works fine but the percussion

KORG MS-50 Repair

via Analog Sweden"This time on the workbench is a Korg MS-50, this is the expander module for the Korg MS-20. This unit had a dead oscillator, after repairing it I noticed the jacks were very scratchy and cleaned them as good as possible, many of them may well need to be replaced in the future but for now it’s working fine. All that remains to do is to recap the power supply and calibrate it back

Oberheim OB-8 synthesizer voice boards

via this auction"two voice boards for an OB-8 missing all the CEMs other than that the rest of the ICs are there"

mpc60 final - Display Repair

YouTube via repeatle — June 22, 2010 — inside an Akai MPC-60

Oberheim DMX - Drum Machine

via this auction"Note that this a DMX, not a DX. The main difference (and the reason why the DMX is a classic, while the DX isn't) is that there's a Curtis analogue filter for EVERY sample card (the cards fill the left half of the DMX's innards, see pics). This rounds off the punchy 12-bit samples and, well, makes it sound the way it does. Which is punchy as hell... There are individual outs for

CR-68 MIDI Input

YouTube via shiftedphase — February 03, 2010 — "A quick overview of the MIDI input circuit I built for the Roland CR-68 drum machine."

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