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Arthur Joly’s Jolymod – The First Modular Synth Built In Brazil?

Arthur Joly sent word via the Synthtopia Facebook page of his Jolymod – a modular monster synth that he speculates may be the first modular synth built in Brazil. We’ve got no idea on the ‘first modular synth built in Brazil’ claim (if you’ve got opinions on this, weigh in below), but with 4 16-step [...]

How To Add MIDI IN And MIDI Out To A Korg Monotribe

Gameboy Genius has published an extensive set of photos and a blog post on how to add MIDI In and MIDI Out to a Korg Monotribe. It includes a chart of the MIDI messages it can send and receive, along with thoughts on the pros and cons of the Monotribe MIDI mod.

GameBoy Advance As A MIDI Synthesizer

GBA to MIDI cable was uploaded by: SpritetmDuration: 487Rating:

MIDI IN, MIDI Out On The Korg Monotribe

Two ways of using the hidden MIDI in functonality on monotribe was uploaded by: GameboygeniusDuration: 171Rating:

Korg Monotribe Mod – Control Voltage Pitch Control

Korg Monotribe Mod / Step Sequencer / Pitch CV was uploaded by: poolpartyfyDuration: 93Rating:

Meeblip SE Synthesizer Available Soon – Here Are The Details

Developer James Grahame has released details on the upcoming Meeblip SE synthesizer – an updated version of the Meeblip open hardware synth. The design retains the basic interface of the original, with the addition of features that make it more powerful (like an adjustable PWM waveform) and easier to use (patch storage). New Features: Sixteen [...]

Korg Monotribe Mod Delivers Individual Drum Outs

Synthtopia reader monomod sent us word that he’s published a Korg Monotribe mod that lets you add individual outs for the drum sounds: The main intention on this was to get the most flexibility. So you can just get the drums mix separated form the synth, if you maybe have only two channels free on [...]

Korg Monotribe BD, SD, S-Noise & HH Decay Mod

MONOMOD - Korg Monotribe Mod / Hack was uploaded by: poolpartyfyDuration: 235Rating:

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