Synth Books

Synth Books

Synthesizer and Beat Machines Coloring Book at MeMe Antenna

A great stocking stuffer via @MeMeAntenna

"Restocked! Synthesizer and Beat Machine coloring books

Roland The Synthesizer 2nd Edition, 4 volume set 1979

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"Roland The Synthesizer 2nd Edition, 4 volume set 1979

Made in Japan

Condition. Almost Mint condition. Only One Yellow Book show light creases."

You can find scans of Roland The Synthesizer 2nd Edition on Analog Industries.

1985 Analog Electronic Music Techniques Book

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"Vintage 1985 hardcover book “Analog Electronic Music Techniques In Tape, Electronic, and Voltage-Controlled Synthesizer Studios” by Joel Naumann and James D. Wagoner. Schirmer book company.
Very good condition w outer sleeve cover intact.
423 pages.

From the sleeve: 'The book is divided into three parts, beginning with fundamental sutdio techniques and proceeding

Synth Art Vol 1 Synth Book by Ste Holmes on Kickstarter

via Kickstarter:

"I created a series of 36 illustrations of synthesisers over the course of the summer. I thoroughly enjoy doing them. They were released on social media and quickly gained popularity with both synth lovers and manufacturers alike. People wanted to know where they could get a hold of them hence this illustrated book project.

Most designs end up on tees or travel mugs these

An Introduction to Electronic Music Synthesizers Featuring Don Muro - Vintage College Level Lesson Plan

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Here's a interesting bit of synth history. If anyone out there knows more about this, please let us know! You can find a handful of posts featuring Don Muro in the archives here.

"Original boxed lesson plan for college level introduction on synthesizers. Complete with film strip, record to accompany film strip, teachers guide book, 32 original copies of the test, pamphlet

Rob Papen on the System-22 & His Sound Design Book & DVD

Published on Sep 22, 2017 Rob Papen

Book DVD:
About the Rob Papen System-22 setup

1975 Electronic Music Circuits - Modular Analog Synthesizer Design

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"This fascinating book covers everything you need to know to design and troubleshoot analog synthesizers, including information on SSM and Curtis (CEM) synthesizer chips. A definite must-have for the analog synth enthusiast, filled with schematics and technical information. Overall, the book is in excellent condition. Ex-libris. Hardcover, 223 pages. Copyright 1975."

Quick nostalgia review - The Complete Guide to Synthesizers, Sequencers and Drum Machines - 1985

Published on Aug 25, 2017 Espen Kraft

You can find it on Amazon here. I also added it to the book thumbnails above.

"A quick review of a book that had colossal impact on me in 1985 as a young teenager looking to buy my first synth.

The complete guide to Synthesizers, Sequencers and Drum Machines by Dean Friedman.
I read it for hours each day, memorizing each word about the synths he goes

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