Synth Books

Synth Books

Yamaha DX7 Set-Ups Book

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"Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer - Legendary 80's FM Keyboard Synth Manual"

Haven't seen this one before. Unfortunately this is the only shot included in the listing.

Rhythm Machines III: From Decline To Retro Designs

An update to the original posted here, part three is now available on Amazon here.

"Rhythm Machines 3 - a book featuring the drum machines/drum computers released commercially for use in music recording between 1990-2017. The 1990s saw a noticeable decline in drum machines, as keyboard workstations and samplers negated the need for stand-alone drum machines. By 2000, the high values of the

1984 Yamaha DX7 Digital Synthesizer Book by Yasuhiko Fukuda

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"Yamaha DX7 Digital Synthesizer

Yasuhiko Fukuda

ISBN: 071190653X

Amsco Publications 1984 oversized softback, 139 pages

A step by step guide to the controls of the DX7. Covers the basic mechanism and operation as well as dealing with the special abilities of the DX7

Suitable for both the international and USA model"

1954 Blue M Yearbook Signed by Tom Oberheim?

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"The item in this auction is a 1954 Manhattan High School Yearbook featuring and autographed by Tom Oberheim, famous electronic music pioneer, founder of Oberheim Electronics..."

The bottom image appears to be the same as the one in the 1953 yearbook posted here. The 1954 yearbook was also mentioned once here.

New Book on the History and Impact of MIDI, "Mad Skills: MIDI and Music Technology in the 20th Century"

Mad Skills: MIDI and Music Technology in the 20th Century is a new book from Ryan A. Diduck set to be released on March 13. It is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.

The following is a quick intro from Ryan:

Growing from my PhD research at McGill University, under Jonathan Sterne's supervision, Mad Skills is a timely cultural history of MIDI — as you know, the most ubiquitous and

Synthesizer and Beat Machines Coloring Book at MeMe Antenna

A great stocking stuffer via @MeMeAntenna

"Restocked! Synthesizer and Beat Machine coloring books

Roland The Synthesizer 2nd Edition, 4 volume set 1979

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"Roland The Synthesizer 2nd Edition, 4 volume set 1979

Made in Japan

Condition. Almost Mint condition. Only One Yellow Book show light creases."

You can find scans of Roland The Synthesizer 2nd Edition on Analog Industries.

1985 Analog Electronic Music Techniques Book

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"Vintage 1985 hardcover book “Analog Electronic Music Techniques In Tape, Electronic, and Voltage-Controlled Synthesizer Studios” by Joel Naumann and James D. Wagoner. Schirmer book company.
Very good condition w outer sleeve cover intact.
423 pages.

From the sleeve: 'The book is divided into three parts, beginning with fundamental sutdio techniques and proceeding

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