Synth Art

Synth Art

Synthesizer and Beat Machines Coloring Book at MeMe Antenna

A great stocking stuffer via @MeMeAntenna

"Restocked! Synthesizer and Beat Machine coloring books

Mini ARP 2500 Synthesizer


Published on Dec 12, 2017 Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT

See this post for more.

LepLoop Announces New Piattino Hi-Hat Eurorack Module

via LepLoop

"Piattino |_| Hi-hat |_| Module

We are happy to announce new euro rack module Piattino.

Piattino It's LEP new design for Hat sounds

a kind of Cassa with an injection of white noise.

A new type of Hi-hat sound, punchy attach

two release envelope with dedicate

trig in, many type of signal accepted."

Cool artwork below.

TURKEYMOOG Sale - 20% off all Moog Merch & Apparel - New Synth Ts

via @moogmusicinc

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sleepless on the 25th

sleepless on the 25th by osixoonesevenone

Three spooky drones by osixoonesevenone featuring a eurorack module and Ensoniq ESQm controlled by a Linnstrument.

3D render by Metin Sevin. Note the knobs go from birth to death.

Video below.

"Gear used : 4 x 84 HP and a minicase of Eurorack, Ensoniq ESQ1 m, Linnstrument 128, Eventide Space, a smal Mackie mixer.

The ESQm is controlled by the

Moogsaic: Bob, Synths, & Artistry T-Shirt

via The Bob Moog Foundation

"Celebrating Bob's contribution to the world of synthesis, illustrator David C. Lovelace offers a beautiful hand-drawn creation for our newest art t-shirt design, Moogsaic. Composed of over 250 hand-drawn, detailed synthesizers, modules, and other sonic components, Bob's image and intense gaze emerge to compel the viewer to examine the mosaic of skillfully placed

Metasonix KV-100 Multi Effect System - The Assblaster SN KV100-111

via this auction

Featuring the beautifully elegant synth art of David C. Lovelace.

"From the dark raunchy minds of Metasonix comes The KV-100 Assblaster. When it comes to loud and wicked sounds, Metasonix are our champions. If you wanna REALLY spice up any audio signal, run it through an Assblaster and you'll be shot into an array of fuzzy madness that will crush the most abstract sounds."

Synth Art Vol 1 Synth Book by Ste Holmes on Kickstarter

via Kickstarter:

"I created a series of 36 illustrations of synthesisers over the course of the summer. I thoroughly enjoy doing them. They were released on social media and quickly gained popularity with both synth lovers and manufacturers alike. People wanted to know where they could get a hold of them hence this illustrated book project.

Most designs end up on tees or travel mugs these

1975 PAIA Catalog - "Gnome Micro-Synthesizer"

via this auction

"Cool vintage catalog which was requested in 1975. Looks like it may have been stored untouched since from around that period. Very nice!"

DKNG Synth-Inspired Art Posters to Benefit Bob Moog Foundation

via The Bob Moog Foundation

"Los Angeles-based DKNG design studio is re-issuing three captivating art posters, which all share a theme of the expansiveness of modular synthesis. The trio were originally part of the SYNTH art shows at Moogfests 2010-2012. The updated versions of the original designs have been recreated with different color palettes. The studio is offering a limited run of 150 of

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