Ready To Take iPad DJing Seriously? Check Out This Awesome iPad + Launchpad Jam

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iPad Music Software: This video, via evenfloyd, captures an impressive iPad + Novation Launchpad jam session.
Are you ready to take iPad DJing seriously?
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Introducing The Schwarzonator, A Max For Live Plugin Designed To Help You Play

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Ableton Live 8: This is an introduction to the Schwarzonator – a new Max For Live patch designed to help you play music. 
“The Schwarzonator is a note twister,” explains creator Henrik Schwarz. “It’s all about helping musicians (or non-musicians) find the right notes and chords in real time. It turns one finger playing into chords that fit together well. Choose from a list of Chord Sets in a drop down menu. Then all notes you play on your keyboard will fit into the selected Chord Set.”
You could argue that Schwarzonator is dumbing things down, hiding music theory or correcting for poor musicianship. For the cybermusician, though, the Schwarzonator is a tool for creating music that would not be possible for either the musician or the computer alone.

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