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Studiologic Sledge Synth Tutorial 56

Published on Jul 21, 2017 David Clements

"George Hall recreates the sounds used on the classic Doors song Light My Fire on a Studiologic Sledge synthesiser. Learn synth programming with George Hall."

All parts here.

Kick.S Live / Monophonic 3 Live recording. (July.17, 2017) @TSUKAMOTO Elevate

Published on Jul 18, 2017 Kick.S

-- Track list --
00:00 / X760
05:43 / X1175
14:47 / X814
20:46 / X926
29:16 / X930
38:47 / X933
45:15 / X1162

/// Equipment ////
TR 9090
Mackie VLZ3
EHX Cathedral
Korg electribe MX
Korg electribe SX

Roland SE-02 - Vintage Funk Demo by Mike Pensini

Published on Jul 10, 2017 Mike Pensini

"Some of the vintage-style funk lead and bass tones that can be achieved with the Roland SE-02 analog synth."

Roland SE-02 Demo

Published on Jul 10, 2017 Hunart©

"Quick soundcheck of the new Roland SE-02 synthesizer. This thing really rocks! No compression, EQ or external FX, every sound comes from the SE-02.



More Analog Stuff

Published on Jul 8, 2017 Vykaar Tones

"DIY Clones of TR808 bass and snare compressed and gated with Alesis micro limiters and gate. Beatstep pro with new v2 firmware."

Roland SE-02 Demo with Scott Tibbs

Published on Jun 23, 2017 SweetwaterSound

"Live at #GearFest 2017: Scott Tibbs from Roland demos the new SE-02 Analog Synthesizer module!"

Rare Studio Electronics ATC-1 Filter Cartridge Selector

via eBay

"Studio Electronics ATC-1 Filter Cartridge Selector. One unit rack space. Extremely hard to find! Allows multiple filter cartridges (sold separately) to be used with the ATC-1 unit (also sold separately). A cool feature - the filter selection is saved with the ATC-1 patch."

Working on "Analog House & Deep House Provider" Soundbank Part 2

Published on Jun 23, 2017 Sound Provider

"Working again on 'Analog House & Deep House Provider' Soundbank
Drums by Yocto and MfbTanzbar
Bass by Studio Electronics Se1x
Synth by Elektron Analog Four and Modular

Check our Previous soundbank here:"

Part 1. here.

Overview of the Roland SE-02 Analog Synthesizer

Published on Jun 22, 2017 RolandChannel

"This video is an overview of the Roland SE-02 Analog Synthesizer - designed in collaboration with Studio Electronics - as part of the Roland Boutique Designer Series.

The SE-02 Analog Synthesizer features three types of cross modulation (XMOD), a ripping filter feedback loop, a tempo-syncing LFO with nine waveforms, envelope sweeping and inverting,

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