strange musical instruments

strange musical instruments

The Neon Indian Pal198X – And What Will It Do Your Brain

Neon Indian created this video to introduce the new PAL198X – a custom synth that was created in cahoots with weapons manufacturer and boutique synth maker Bleep Labs. Filmed at the Static Tongues Amplidrome Facility, Arctic Circle, Earth. I don’t know what the **** I just saw, but I think I need one of these [...]

Prince’s Patented PurpleAxxe Keytar

US Patent # D349127, registered to Prince R. Nelson, is for one portable electronic keyboard musical instrument, known as the Purpleaxxe. No chance of anybody copying this design – it’s patented! You can read the patent here.

Facial Control For Music Revisited

Remember FaceOSC – the app that lets you use the facial ‘gestures’ to control music apps? Peter Kirn shared another example of facial synth control yesterday, embedded above, which captures some experiments by FreeKa Tet. If that doesn’t make you want to give up trying to look cool with a keytar and take up facial synth [...]

What Is The Syntheshredder?

What Is The Syntheshredder? Designer Jesse Chorng thought it would be cool to combine skateboarding and sound synthesis. So he’s building The Syntheshredder. It’s a 20ft diameter skate bowl that will house sensors embedded under the surface. These will then be routed to a series of hardware instruments as well as custom software that will [...]

WTF Is This Thing And Why Is It So Awesome? (The Crystal Method DJ Keytar?!)

Looks like Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland of The Crystal Method have some new gear! Part bass, part dj controller, part keyboard – and all WTF! What is this thing and why is it so awesome?

The Ambidextro Keytar – Twice As Cool As Regular Keytars?

Haunted by the curse of Herbie Hancock- the unfortunate law of the universe that guys always look stupid playing the keytar? (While there are plenty of memorable keytar goddesses, Herbie Hancock is the only guy, ever, to look cool playing the keytar.) From the looks of it, the Ambidextro Keytar will do nothing to help with this problem [...]

The PocoPoco Musical Interface

POCOPOCO Performance at Siggraph 2011, Vancouver was uploaded by: IDEEALabDuration: 398Rating:

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