PULScar - Waldorf Pulse + OSCar DIY Hybrid by Stereoping

CBD Computer Drums - ft. SDS8,TQ-5,JX-03,K4,PULScar

Published on Nov 15, 2017 Stereoping

Note the focus of this video from Stereoping is on his midified CRB Computer Drums. What caught my attention though was his PULScar mentioned in the second paragraph below.

"Rough testsong for a midified CRB Computer Drums. The digital part or this rare drumcomputer was completely broken and ripped off to

Rhythm Ace FR-8L midi interface with sync and comparison to TR-77

Published on Aug 30, 2017

"Little video with 3 parts showing a midified Bentley Rhythm Ace FR-8L drumbox. 1st: sync-ing the Bentley to an Akai MPC over midiclock. Also demo-ed is the triggering of individual voices incl. Guiro. 2nd: I recreated the tambourine voice which is missing on the FR-8L. Problematic part is the 40 mH coil. The demo shows the sound of the recreated TB with 3

Roland TR-77 voiceboard in 19" with midi trigger interface

Published on Aug 15, 2017

"More or less entertaining demo- and testsong with slideshow for a project in summer 2017: putting the voiceboard of a broken Roland TR-77 drumbox into a new 19" housing and supplying a midi trigger interface to overcome the boring preset rhythms. The board offers 13 pure analogue sounds, mainly generated with big coils in stunningly simple schematics:

Oberheim Matrix 1000 + Stereoping CE-1 Controller

via this auction

"Huge 6 voice analog polysynth in a sleek unassuming 1u rack form factor.

Gorgeous cosmetic condition. OS 1.16 upgrade ROM installed.

This auction bundles the synth with the fabulous Stereoping CE-1 controller for parameter tweaking."

New 'M-80' midicontroller for Roland MKS-80 - the MPG-80 alternative

Published on Jan 11, 2017 stereoping

"Productdemo of the Stereoping Synth Controller in 'M-80' edition for Roland MKS-80. This midicontroller contains all parameters of the MPG-80. It even goes beyond offering CC-message automation for the MKS-80 with it's built-in CC-SysEx-translator. In effect, it's a tiny, cheap alternative for the rare and expensive MPG-80.

From what i've heard the MPG-80

Sequential Circuits Sixtrak OS V14 - LFO Sync &

Published on Jul 1, 2016 umusic6

"This video demonstrates the new feature of
LFO Sync to note trigger in the v14 Firmware created by Bob Grieb. The binary image of the firmware is available on his site
The LFO Sync can be set by a new parameter (#37) with values 0 for sync off and 1 or 2 (inverse) for sync on.
The controller in used in the video is the

Stereoping Sixtweak Synth Controller for Sequential Circuits Sixtrak in Action

Published on Nov 14, 2015 umusic6

"Session to demonstrate the basic features of the Sixtweak synth controller from
Tweaking sequences arranged on yamaha rs 7000 sequencer.
Supported by jomox airbase 99 and roland jx 3p."

Oberheim MATRIX 6R SN K6B4380 & Stereoping Controller

Matrix-6R via this auction

Stereoping controller via this auction

"Last firmware version 2.13. Every button, output, MIDI port and volume fader works as it should without issue. Minor scuffing on top of unit. (See pictures.) All 4 original rubber feet are in place. Screen is nice and bright. Stays in tune wonderfully. Preloaded with 100 modern patches.

I also have the Stereoping synth

New STEREOPING 'Thet4' Hardware Controller for the DSI Theta

'Thet4' - Hardwarecontroller demo for DSI Theta

Published on Oct 7, 2016 stereoping

"The 'Thet4' edition of the Stereoping Synth Controller for the DSI TetrA. It allows direct access to most of the parameters through 3 lighted pushbuttons and 16 HQ-pots. Small and powerful, very well designed and optimized especially for the Tetra's unique features. Besides the obvious parameters for OSC

Stereoping Peach Clock - perfect midiclock sync between Volcas and FL Studio

Published on Sep 30, 2016 stereoping

"Your Volca/Drumbox does not want to run in sync with FL Studio over midiclock? This video shows the reason and my experimental workaround: the STEREOPING PEACH CLOCK. It converts audio pulses sent from the DAW into Midi Clock information (START/CLOCK/STOP) for the Volcas. Now they run perfectly synced together with FL Studio as proofed in the video. This is

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