Plasma Dischargers on a Korg Volca

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"Plasma dischargers firing nicely and keeping the VCOs in tune"

Steampunk brass knobs as well.

Folktek Mescaline fun 2

Published on Dec 9, 2017 Cray

A bit steampunk at 1:54.

Follow-up to this post.

Steampunk Mutable Instruments Shruthi Synth Digital/Analogue Hybrid

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"Shruthi synthesizer (electronics designed by Mutable Instruments) in a steampunk vintage style box with brass panel. It is a digital/analogue hybrid monophonic synthesizer with digital oscillators but analogue filter and VCA. This one is fitted with the "4-pole mission" variable state filter with several flavours of resonance. Four extra knobs have been added to control the

Dr. Blankenstein Workshops Coming to Maker Faire Detroit 2016

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"A shout out to #upcycling genius @TimSway in @TheHenryFord museum interview"

You'll find the interview here along with details on the event.

"At Maker Faire Detroit 2016, Drew Blanke—more formally known as “Dr. Blankenstein”—will arrive, trailing a rolling suitcase full of broken toys and noise-making creations along behind him. Over the weekend of July 30-31, 2016,

Yew Tree Magic's Steampunk Shruthi Sound Designer Edition

This one in via Martin Walker of Sound on Sound and Yew Tree Magic. In addition to the Steampunk style case, there are a number of mods available. If you already own a Shruthi SMR4-mkII, step-by-step guides for the mods are also available on site.

"Housed in a polished wood and brass steampunk-styled casing, the SDE (Sound Designer Edition) is an extensive mod by Martin Walker, giving a host

Antique Style Steampunk Synth Case with Keys & Knobs

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"Synthesiser case made from MDF and a whole lot of body filler, speakers work and all knob are connected to pots but no other electronics are inside. Made as a prop, hopefully can find a new home/use."

JM Gakken Laboratories Aetherial Resonator Focus Analog Synthesizer

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This one appears to be a Gakken SX-150 in a custom steampunk style case.

Steampunk Field Detector Working Film Prop Synthesizer Analog portable

Published on Jun 3, 2014 J Tracy·19 videos

"We did the props for a local small film ('Dr. Argyle's Advancements in Propulsion'-release TBD) and this is an extra made for demo purposes which is a double of the "Field Detector" contracted designs they ultimately purchased.
Its essentially a very simple analog synthesizer along the lines of a stepped tone generator/Atari Punk Synth with the


Published on Jun 1, 2014 Jan Cumpelik·9 videos

"Drone machine by Buranelectrix."

A bit steampunk in design.

Note, this is the first Buranelectrix post.

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