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Steady State Fate

Sonic Scenarios: Steady State Fate Entity Percussion — Demo & Overview by CONTROL

Published on Jan 9, 2018 CTRL MOD

"Demo & Functional Overview of the Entity Percussion. An electronic drum module by Steady State Fate (SSF).

Sonic Scenarios is a series of videos chronicling the features, designs and sounds of Eurorack format synthesizer modules with sound designer Mike Kiraly — Presented by Control.

For more info on the SSF Entity Percussion:

SSF Entity Percussion Synthesizer - FM Sounds

Published on Jan 4, 2018 SteadyStateFate

"Examples using the Entity PS as a frequency modulated lead sound and simple hi hat.

Patch Description:

The Entity PS is triggered via GateStorm and tracked 1V/OCT by The QuBit Octone (also clocked via GateStorm).

Frequency Modulation is set to FM only on the EPS. Modulation provided by Spectrum VCO.

The Ultra-Random Analog is clocked via GateStorm,

SSL FX Capacitor 5U Module

via @AtomicShadow

"There was Collusion! Between @DougSlocum at Synthetic Sound Labs, Russ Hoffman at Evaton Technologies and Mrs. Shadow. The SSL FX Capacitor module arrived in 1 day and ambushed me under the Christmas tree. Thank you all so much!"

SSF Entity Percussion Synthesizer - Sound Examples

Published on Dec 18, 2017 SteadyStateFate

"Steady State Fate Entity Percussion Synthesizer Sound Examples."

Make Noise - Morphagene #01 - Beats & Mylar Melodies' Piano #MorphageneMondays

Published on Dec 4, 2017 DivKidVideo

"THE FIRST IN A NEW SERIES! WHOOOOO. #MorphageneMondays is my new weekly video series of what will be more than 10 videos on the Morphagene from Make Noise. The module is lovely and well deserving of a series of videos so here we go. Every Monday I'll post a new video in the series that will look at recording samples, creating amazing textures quickly, a

SSF Ultra-Random Analog Tutorial Videos by Learning Modular

Published on Nov 30, 2017 Learning Modular

"For more details about using the URA (as well as other modules I’ve made videos for), I encourage you to join the Learning Modular Patreon Tribe: For more on the Learning Modular Synthesis Eurorack Expansion Project for those exploring what module to add to their system next, visit


Published on Oct 6, 2017 tom k

"An exercise in noise, microsound, limiting, and quantization of audio signals over a longer form."

severence // inside a dream patch

Published on Sep 17, 2017

"// vacuum tube noise soundscapes

// patch notes //

erogenous tones levit8 out 2 - metasonix rk1 decay cv in
erogenous tones levit8 out 7 - metasonix r54 pitch cv a
erogenous tones levit8 out 7 - metasonix r55 pitch cv a
erogenous tones levit8 out 7 - schippmann omega-phi pm depth

make noise maths ch1 unity out - addac802 (a) mix vca
make noise maths ch4 unity out -

New DETECT-Rx & CLONE Eurorack Modules from Steady State Fate

"DETECT-Rx features three useful utilities to expand your modular capabilities.

EXTRACT-R is a voltage controlled comparator with three selectable range settings, LINE LEVEL, 5V and 10V. A Threshold knob sets the trip point to extract a 10V gate signal. CV input for allows for PWM and voltage control of the comparator threshold.

RECTIFY-R is a simple positive voltage rectifier for octave-up

Timbral Diversity Improv

Todd Barton
Published on Aug 31, 2017

"modules in play: a bunch of R*S Serge modules plus SSF Ultra Random, Makenoise Optimix and Intellijel Dixie II"

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