RMIF Elsita Soviet Electro

Published on Jan 15, 2018 Zachary Berry

"Got an RMIF Elsita analog drum module off eBay and have been playing around to see what it can do. They were apparently produced in Russia in the late 80s. Here I'm triggering it from the 707 - four of the 707 outs are going into the Elsita.

Here's a breakdown:

808 Snare: Volca Sample through Wedge reverb - nothing special about the wedge other than it

Vladimir Kuzmin Discusses the Polivoks

Published on Jan 14, 2018 vladimir kuzmin

"Description of the Polivoks in English.."

Follow-up to Polivoks Soviet Synth Designer Vladimir Kuzmin Gives an Overview of His Synths.

Estradin Solaris 314

via this auction

"I’ve always found the unit perpetually intriguing. One minute it’s a 60s compact organ (w. a filter!), the next a 70s string machine, then a growling 80s analog synth bass, and then blammo: a rocket ship. I mean, c’mon."

This is the one in the video posted earlier today here.

Soviet Solaris Estradin 314 demo proj3

Published on Jan 11, 2018 Paul Curreri

"A bit of a meander through this fascinating and wild analog poly / organ.

As you can see, it’s in excellent cosmetic condition. Sliders all slide fairly smoothly. A proper power cable was professionally installed, as the one it came with didn’t fit snugly. It still uses 220V though, so a converter is required.

Now, much as I love it, I can’t say for

Polivoks Soviet Synth Designer Vladimir Kuzmin Gives an Overview of His Synths

Published on Jan 8, 2018 vladimir kuzmin

"Overview of all instruments designed by Vladimir and Olimpiada Kuzmin."

This one in via Soviet Space Child.

In the following video Vladimir Kuzmin goes over the Polivoks based modules by Industrial Music Electronics (formerly the Harvestman). It's in Russian, however you can enabled CC for your language via the player controls for the video.

Ambient groove.

Published on Jan 7, 2018 mongobigmuff

"An ambient and groovy moment with a loop made with the Alisa 1387 soviet synth, the Electrix Repeater and the incredible Akai MFC42 analog filter"

Details on the VG-Line "РИТМ-2" Black

via this auction

Front panel translation below. You can find video of the new VG Line RITM-2 posted here.

"The Ritm-2 synthesizer made by VG-Line is a direct recreation of the ’80s Soviet one-osc monophonic analogue synthesizer, РИТМ-2 also known as Ritm Dva or Rhythm-2, in a form of small-sized desktop module, which can be controlled via MIDI or CV/Gate. The original model was itself inspired

POLIVOKS Soviet Analog Synthesizer w/ MIDI Mod

via this auction

"Midi mod included:
— KEYB / MIDI switch and LEARN button
— MIDI IN / MIDI THRU installed onboard
— Control filter cutoff via midi signal from modulation wheel"

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