Soft Synths

Soft Synths


YouTube via doepferiano. "an iPhone sonic object"

synthpond-cosmovox duet

YouTube via organofqwerty
"synthpond and cosmovox performed on an ipod touch. mixed in ableton live.
thanks to developers leisuresonic and zach gage for the awesome apps."
You can find SynthPond here:
You can find SynthPond Lite here:
synthPond Lite

Technological Syndicate - Prologue No. X

YouTube via 123keks321
"My first Track created with the ReBirth Synthesizer Emulation."
You can still get Rebirth for free here.

iStylophone スタイロフォンがiPhoneアプリに

YouTube via jetdaisuke
"チューニング不要、スタイラス不要、指先でタッチして演奏できる 。録音機能もついて実機より便利かも!"
"Tuning No, no stylus and touch and play with your fingertips. Recording also be more convenient airplane about!"
You can find iStylophone here:
Dübreq iStylophone

Bitnotic VX-323 Voice Synthesizer

"What is VX-323? A MIDI-controllable voice synthesizer application for Mac OS X 10.4.

Bitnotic Chill

"Introducing Bitnotic chill 1.0, an application that plays unique ambient music 24/7 on your computer.

Under a foreign sky

DIY synthesizer

YouTube via harrypotter2k5
"Broadly, the purpose of this project was to create an Analogue modelling musical synthesizer;

Demo Roland JUNO 60 + SONAR 8 workstation

YouTube via magevers
"With this demo/cover of Vangelis Conquest of paradise, i want to show how great the vintage roland JUNO 60 sounds.

Finger Bassline App for iPhone/iPod

YouTube via kay101011
You can find BassLine here:

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