Soft Synths

Soft Synths

Synth Blues - JayVinsent

YouTube via jayvinsent
"A short improv blues piece with accompanying synthesizers. I recorded this using a cheap Casio keyboard and Propellerhead Software's Reason 4. This is my first time using this software, so be nice :P"

HyperSynth Alesis ION Editor

"Ion-editor is a MIDI-editor for advanced controlling over the famous Alesis ION analog modeling synthesizer in your DAW. For rejecting the mouse flicker and reducing zippering noise on MIDI port every knob is specifically programmed to transmit the MIDI messages like a real hardware MIDI controller so ion-editor knobs don’t generate several unwanted data with the same value which is a common issue in the most of the other MIDI-editors. The same pages like the original ion LCD display make the tweaking easy for parameters that need more descriptive information like filter panning, arpeggio, mod matrix and tracking generator.

Note : ION-editor does not generate any sound itself without using ION synth.

v1.0 Features:
- Support automation for all 234 ION parameters
- Flicker Free Knobs (unlike other midi editors!)
- Remotely changing ION banks and programs
- Automatable MIDI-OUT channel
- Preset manager with save and load function
- Sync to host option for master tempo
- Easily tweakable interactive tracking generator and mod matrix
- One waveshape display for each oscillator"

The 10 Greatest Sounds from Star Wars

YouTube via digitaldave1234. via FakeBook.
We know R2D2 was made with an ARP 2600.
I'm curious what other synths, software or hardware were used in some of these.
"Roger Ebert has said that for some people, movie history begins with Star Wars. George Lucas has said that sound is "half of the picture". The sounds from the Star Wars series sit between those two quotes. Ben Burtt became the world's most influential sound designer by creating the sounds for the Star Wars series.

This list was created by factoring how famous or influential a given sound is, and also considering the sound from a sound designer's point of view. For example, the Darth Vader sounds are simple to create, yet the voice from James Earl Jones became one of the most influential sounds of the series. Compare that to the voice of Poggle the Lesser, which is not as famous, but a masterpiece of cutting and pasting phonetic sounds together."

BTW, be sure to see this post for more synths in film.

Update: One sound that stood out for me in the first of the new films and not on this list is the sound of the engines in the canyon race. The Star Wars films really did have some great audio effects. Sound makes a movie.

Gleetchlab 3 (work in progress preview)

YouTube via toborexperiment
"Sneak preview of the forthcoming v3.
Sound is live output from the footage.
Samples used are 3 acoustic pianos loop passed trough gleetchlab 3 processors.
No post editing.

More infos at:"

TheRainbow - KMS StringsOfLife

YouTube via BIM0X. monome-like
"TheRainbow plays Strings of Life by Kevin Saunderson through Ableton Live 6"

Update: more vids:

TheRainbow - Sweep

"Présentation of my new MIDI controller : the Rainbow.
Soft touch buttons Monome like, each one has a RGB Led inside.
64 buttons, 7 colours available. Based on midibox (
Powered by PIC18F452. Completly indépendant, it doesn't need a computer to work.
Midi and output via MIDI messages"

TheRainbow - Tests functions

TheRainbow - MIDI Feedback

"Playing the Rainbow with Live 6 and Battery 3 as it was a midi keyboard."

TheRainbow - Demo with Ableton LIVE #1

"playing the Rainbow as a midi controller and a midi keyboard with Live, FM8 and battery.
Totally MIDI, using feedback midi functions of Live and a routing inside the midi tracks (no thrid part software like Max/MSP, ONLY ABLETON!)"
"Testing the Test functions of the Rainbow : A, B and C.
Various sweeping of colours and positions"

New Year Day

YouTube via PXE02321

salzmanufaktur feat. psychotronic - scheisskreis

YouTube via salzmanufaktur
"Playing around with the Elektron Machinedrum, Sony Vegas 8 and an old VHS recorder.
Happy 2009!"

MaxMSP 5 synthesis experience

YouTube via jamesvla
"here you have another synthesis patch I've made with MaxMSP.. It combines pre-estabilished stuff with generative/stockhastic elements, in order to make some sort of crazy thing"


"If you’ve ever found yourself drumming with your thumbs on your keyboard or tapping on the table, then you’ll love Thumb Drum. It’s made to be fun for everyone, adults and children, musicians and non-musicians alike. It’s all about the simple enjoyment of tapping and making music. ThumbDrum is way more than your ordinary drum machine. On top of being able to play five different Drumkits (Real Drums, Drum Loops, Ancient Music Box, Cool Sounds & Singer Voices) you can also record up-to 16 short sounds samples which can then be mixed together to create a new customized drum-kit.

It has a stunning user-interface, and if you have large fingers, or prefer to play using landscape mode - you can select to view 4, 9, 12 or 16 drum pads - whichever setting you find more comfortable.

You can also choose between different skins to change the appearance. ThumbDrum also has virtually no lag and can play jams super-fast.

Have fun ThumbDrummin’."

You can find ThumbDrum here:
Thumb Drum
via Palm Sounds.

Voyager Spacecraft

SonicStateTV via moognut
"A space video made using video clips from NASA and music soundtrack created using a M-AUDIO KEY RIG keyboard and Synth software."
Not sure what soft synths were used, but I figured this one was worth posting for the new year. The last day of the current year is usually when people look back and reflect on their lives over the past year. Watching this video definitely made me reflect on the planet. It's absolutely mind boggling to think we live here just floating around in space. Life is a fractal of sorts.

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