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Soft Synths

NAMM: Sonic Core Xite-1 at NAMM 2009

Sonic Core Xite-1 at NAMM 2009 from Greg Hurley on Vimeo.
Update the John Bown Solaris makes an appearance at 6:21.
"Brief interview with Gary B. providing a brief overview of the new Sonic Core Xite-1 high-end audio recording interface.
Jan. 17, 2009"
via Julian

【iPhone/iPod touch】Randgrid - mobile techno studio

YouTube via F8sequence
"The virtual synthesizer, drum machine and techno studio for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
Randgrid lets you create music wherever you are.
The interface is based on classic analog synthesizers, drum machines and sequencers."
Available here:

working with Synplant

flickr by Mr. Biggs

full size

"Wilson working with Synplant on Ableton Live. He says he likes the interface better than the traditional knobs of other synths, but it's annoying that it makes unpredictable sounds. The kid knows what he wants."

NAMM: Arturia Minimoog V2

A Minimoog is a Minimoog. What else can you add to it? That would not deform it, denature it, and take it to a place it does not belong to. In version 2, we made the choice to work in fits and starts, adding enough to inject fresh blood and excitement, while keeping the original DNA. In this version you will find an innovative preset explorer, an exciting new effect called the Vocal Filter, automation over four parameters and a few other additional improvements. The Minimoog is a classic; this is why we have brought you a version that keeps the core emotion intact while fostering the experience to a new level of simplicity and creativity.

Sound MAP: Explore hundreds of sounds using our revolutionary Sound MAP. Locate areas you like and pick a sound that will stimulate your creativity. Morph sounds on the MAP by clicking anywhere you like. Add filters to make your search easier, or get back to the traditional list of presets, by sound-designer or by type. Be creative, be funky, be a sound-traveller.

Vocal Filter: Did you ever think of making a Minimoog talk? Well we thought of it and came with a very exciting solution called the Vocal Filter. Sonic results can be spectacular, similar to those sounds from Kubrick movies.

Circuitry improvements: While we built around the core Minimoog structure, we also added a few options in the circuits. The Keyboard Follow can now be deactivated
on VCO2. In addition, we extended the modulation matrix and added a few sources
and destinations. The Pan and Vocal Filter can now be used as destinations. Two random signals based on a Sample&Hold are added as inputs. We also allowed for using the voice number (from the polyphonic range) as a discreet source, which proved very interesting
to control different parameters.

Automation: What if a Minimoog offered automation - not as a control option but as a sound-design tool? Pick up to four parameters and record realtime changes within the preset. This is an entirely new sound palette that will arise, just by the traditional Minimoog scenery." [You will also find BRASS V2]

Kepler's Orrery for the iPhone

"Kepler's Orrery is a generative music system that uses gravity equations to compose and play ambient music. Each simulation starts with a collection of bodies that attract each other, move, and swirl around under the influence of their mutual gravity.

When the bodies collide, they make music. Each one is assigned a melody and an instrument and plays its next note at each collision.

Simulations are set up with "world" files that specify position, mass, and velocity for each body, as well as their melodies and instruments, and world metadata that defines simulation parameters such as step size, modifications to gravitational constants, etc.

The music it makes differs with each world. Sometimes slow and ambient; sometimes random, sharp, and surprising.

While the simulations are based on gravitational equations, and therefore deterministic, from a listener's point of view, it is difficult to predict what is going to happen next, and so the soundscapes tend to remain fresh."

You can watch a video of Kepler's Orrery from before the iPhone here.

via Palm Sounds

the best ds homebrew app

YouTube via fergieboy10
"DSSpeech Speech Synthesizer you can type in anything you want and your ds will say it link"

Junglinge update

via Palm Sounds

"Junglinge Synth has been updated and now has an effects page. Also the synth output is routed through low pass filter and a delay of up to 1 second. There's also a noise waveform and a 'rand' set of waveforms too."

You can find Junglinge here
Junglinge Synth

Nucleus SoundLab Releases Pantheon

"Nucleus SoundLab proudly releases Pantheon, the ultimate Thor Refill for Propellerhead Reason 4. Thor is an impressive semi-modular synthesizer introduced in the latest version of Reason. In Pantheon, Nucleus SoundLab uses the power of Thor to forever redefine your expectations of 3rd-party Refills.

Pantheon takes Refill quality to a whole new level. There are no compromises. Each one of the 164 Combinators inside Pantheon is unique, with a widely varied signal path. Further, all Combinator rotaries and buttons are assigned to unique destinations. And finally, each Thor patch *inside* each Combinator has its rotaries and buttons fully mapped! We have even saved all Thor patches separately so you can more easily build them into your own Combinators. There has never before been a Refill with this many powerful, creative modulation possibilities at your fingertips.

Nucleus SoundLab continues its commitment to educational sound design with Pantheon. Sound design secrets shouldn't be hidden, but instead shared. Each Combinator patch is fully documented, with detailed notes on its design as well as performance suggestions. Not only will this help owners make better use of Pantheon, but you'll learn from each designer advanced techniques used to create the patches.

Some of the patches you'll find inside Pantheon range from physically-modelled drumkits; dirty filter FM basses; majestic pads; heavily sequenced chord patterns; pristine belltone layers; futuristic lead arpeggios and much more. Electronic musicians of all stripes will find Pantheon instantly inspiring, and infinitely tweakable. Details:

* 164 unique Combinators.
* 235 Thor patches.
* 28 Subtractor and Malstrom patches
* 9 .rps demo songs.
* All Combinator and Thor rotaries/buttons uniquely mapped.
* Detailed design documentation for each patch.

Listen to what Pantheon offers by downloading the videos and MP3 demos on the right panel. In addition, a Demo Refill is available for free download. Most MP3 demos are also packed inside the full Refill in .RPS format, allowing you to examine their sequencing and sound design construction in detail.

Pantheon is available now. It is priced at $49 USD in downloadable format. NSL Customers will of course receive 10% off their order. Please check your email shortly after the product is released to take advantage of the discount."

Links and more on Nucleus SoundLab

HTMind All Drum / Audio Tappi

"Instrument & Sound Effect Music Sequencer which is capable to generate more than 200 preset Sounds : Full 88 keys Acoustic Piano Sounds , 3 full octave Guitar Sounds , 47 Drum Sounds and more than 35 funfill Effect Sounds: Full 88 keys Acoustic Piano Sounds , 3 full octave Guitar Sounds , 47 Drum Sounds and more than 35 fun Effect Sounds.

Sounds are organized into four categories : DRUM ,GUITAR,PIANO and SOUND EFFECT.

High quality PCM Sound samples of 16 bits @ 44100 KHZ (more than 25 Meg).

Playing Sounds alongside with live ITunes library music.

12 TAP PADS where each PAD can be programmed with any Sound.

Complete PAD Sound configuration management : Save & Load & Delete & Override.

Multiple concurrent Sounds tapping capability.

Animating PAD hit during Sound playback.

Tap Sound sequences can be recorded into a Sound Playlist.

Complete Sound Playlist management: Save & Load & Delete & Override.

Option to overlay a recorded Sound Playlist on top of TAP Sound sequences into a new Sound Playlist.

Sound Playlist can be overlaid over and over.

Sound Playlist tempo is controllable for playback & recording.

Separate volume control for IPOD & IPHONE device and Tap Sound.

Current configurations are saved & restored on program exit & enter."
HTMind Website
You can find All Drum here:
All Drum

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