Soft Synths

Soft Synths

Christmas songs on Fairlight | Arturia CMI V

Published on Dec 19, 2017 Woody Piano Shack

"Here is my end of year wrap-up. We'll discuss the gear that has come and gone since my last update, I'll take about my job situation and plans for the future plus of course, we'll play some Christmas songs on an emulation of the Fairlight CMI mega-sampler from the 80s.

In 1980, the Fairlight CMI turned heads with the introduction of digital sampling

Gleetchlab 4 Tutorial 3: TAMS Synthesis - triple axis modal synthesis

Gleetchlab 4 Tutorial 3: TAMS Synthesis from Giorgio Sancristoforo on Vimeo.

"Triple axis modal synthesis demonstration using acoustic samples.

TAMS process input sounds sources using a vast and growing library of peculiar resonators in dozens of materials, including gold, platinum, sapphire, uranium, ruby, silver and more..."

PPG Infinite PRO Tutorial • Envelopes

Published on Dec 18, 2017 WPalmWT

"Tutorial about particular features in Infinite
For more info go here:"

U-He RePro-1 demo by Roikat (with other VSTs)

Published on Dec 18, 2017 Roikat

"A song made with 20 tracks of U-He Repro~1, plus U-He Tyrell N6, Native Instruments Absynth, NI FM-8, Camel Audio Alchemy, Fxpansion Geist, and Audio Damage Eos. 94.5 BPM."

Silent Nite - SunVox Karplus-Strong MPE patch played with Linnstrument

Published on Dec 17, 2017 cube48

"Playing Silent Nite with my custom made 8 voice Karplus-Strong synthesis patch (called KaStro) in MPE project of virtual modular studio SunVox, utilizing Linnstrument's swingy arpeggiator.

Single voice of KaStro can be downloaded from SunVox forum:

For MPE project (channels 1-8) ask on SunVox forum.

Merry Christmas to

Shine On

Published on Dec 9, 2017 celebutante

"Pink Floyd's 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond.' Lead synth is '74 Minimoog D + Electro-Harmonix Memory Man w/Hazarai, strings are Arturia Solina V, bass drone is Arturia Mini V (because I'm too lazy to track the actual Mini)."

OB/SEM Softsynth comparison

Published on Dec 16, 2017 Starsky Carr

"A look at SEM/Oberheim soft synths we have available, compared with a Dave Smith OB6.

It's a big one so feel free to jump ahead!

Features Diva, Arturia SEM, OP-XII, OB-Xd, Access Virus, IK Multimedia Syntronik, Dave Smith OB 6

CHORDS 17:35
NO BRASS 22:08

Le Mépris - Soundtrack Synth cover

Published on Dec 14, 2017 Anthony Distefano

"My 2nd version of Georges Delerue' s Le Mépris from the
Jean-Luc Godard film. This was all done using NI Absynth's envelopes."

Yamaha DX7 vs the clones | Arturia DX7 V | DEXED VST

Published on Dec 16, 2017 Woody Piano Shack

"You asked for a comparison of the newly released Arturia DX7 V with my vintage Yamaha DX7. So here it is, happy to oblige! We'll also include the completely free DEXED VST emulation."

Blue Ambient Featuring Numerology 4 Pro

Published on Dec 15, 2017 Five12 Inc.

"Video by Jim Coker, Music from Ben Marsh by way of Numerology 4 Pro.

"This video was created for a video art project I made for Currents New Media back in 2014 (Santa Fe, NM). For that installation, I only used a portion of this video and wanted to (eventually) get the full edit posted. The music is by Numerology Pro user Ben Marsh, who contacted me

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