Soft Synths

Soft Synths

Lateralus & Debriatus Modules for VCV

Lateralus: 6 and 18 dB outputs

Published on Nov 4, 2017 Leonardo Laguna Ruiz

"This video shows the two new outputs available in Lateralus. You can read more about the modules here:"

Debriatus: Overview

Published on Nov 4, 2017 Leonardo Laguna Ruiz

"This is a quick overview to Debriatus the wave destruction module by Vult. You can read more about the

Ableton LIVE 10 First Look at We Are Robots London

Published on Nov 3, 2017 sonicstate

"We were at We Are Robots in London yesterday and got some time with product specialist Jesse Abayomi to take a look at some of the new features of Live 10.

Check our Awesome MAX4Live Synth:"

Ableton Live 10 Announced with New Wavetable Synth, Echo, Drum Bass, and Pedal Devices

Published on Nov 2, 2017 Ableton

"Live 10 introduces four bold devices, new features and improvements that keep you in the flow, and an expanded sound library. Plus, a built-in Max for Live, extended Push features and much more."

Ableton Live 10: What's New
Ableton Live 10: Capture
Ableton Live 10: New Device Visualisations on Push
Ableton Live 10: New MIDI Clip Editing on Push

Solar Winds - U-He Repro 5

"A simple, short example of the beauty of Repro-5, featuring a single patch and an abundance of Drench reverb (built-in FX)."

u-he Arena - Selected Presets (Soundset for Hive)

Published on Nov 1, 2017 uheplugins

"A selection of some of the presets found in the Hive soundset Arena.

For more info on Arena and more demo sounds visit:

For more information and download the Hive demo (VST, AU, AAX) visit:

Arena is high energy. A compact soundset dedicated to a single theme. From the first to the last, these

Love On A Real Train cover by Paul Schilling

A separate track from supporting MATRIXYSNTH member, Paul Schilling, featured in the Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk Sound Pack Demos for Arturia V-Collection 5.3.

John Carpenter's Halloween theme 2017 Cover

Published on Oct 31, 2017 Anthony Distefano

"John Carpenter's Halloween theme cover using NI Absynth and Bass guitar.

Brian Clevinger - Bass guitar and NI Absynth Anthony Distefano - NI Absynth"

False Prophets - U-He Repro 5

"Here's my second, dirtier demo of U-He upcoming beauty of a synth. I tried to coax some rougher material with the aid of audio-rate modulation options and the very versatile FX section."

Previous demo here.

K Devices MOOR and Twister

MOOR : presets and features

Published on Oct 31, 2017 kdevices

"MOOR is an innovative mono step sequencer for Ableton Live.
Thanks to powerful editing tools and new sequence twisting features, MOOR creates riffs and lines that are simply not possible to obtain with other sequencers!"

Introducing Twistor

Published on Oct 31, 2017


A Halloween Drone.

Published on Oct 30, 2017 BluffMunkey

"Something that I threw together based on a little Halloween drone I created last year.

Created withe a combination of Omnisphere, and Kontakt instruments.

All video clips are sourced from Pixabay."

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