Soft Synths

Soft Synths

Wave Junction Filter Routing

Published on May 22, 2017 Meta Function

"In this video, Meta Function demonstrate filter routing on the Wave Junction, a Max For Live synthesizer developed in partnership with

The Wave Junction features three independent state variable filters, each with independent controls. Using filtering, you can remove frequencies fed from the raw harmonics of the oscillators and the noise

Arturia Matrix 12v - Brass & Strings

Published on May 21, 2017 Adam Borseti

"Great sounds can be had with this beast, if you know how to program it. Matrix modulation is pretty advanced synthesis for beginners! These are the best strings and brass I've ever gotten out of a synthesizer.... certainly the most authentic."

Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk Sound Pack Demos for Arturia V-Collection 5.3 by Paul Schilling

Tangerine Dream Demos for Arturia "Tangerine Tribute" sound pack

"7 demo tracks using patches from my 'Tangerine Tribute' sound pack available via Arturia's new Sound Store. All sequence, drum, and sound FX parts, and most bass and lead parts are done on the Modular V. Additional parts (especially pads and comp parts) done on the Jupiter V.

0:00 Chronozon
1:03 Sunset Drive
2:22 Love on a Real

Introduction to Repro-1

Published on May 19, 2017 uheplugins

"Dan Worrall introduces Repro-1 and gives an overview of the features and functionality.

Repro-1 is a reverent emulation of a famous vintage synth. All the quirks and personality of the original captured using component-level modelling for a truly authentic analogue sound. A classic design with fierce capabilities: two-pattern step sequencer,

Arturia V Collection 5.3 Update: The Sound Store

Published on May 18, 2017 ARTURIA

"Arturia V Collection 5.3 lets you inject exciting new sounds into your instruments without interrupting your workflow.

Whether you want to explore new soundscapes, to flesh out your composition, or to invigorate your creativity, this update gives you the tools you need. We have some awesome new preset collections on offer that you will be able to access

Pure Data Full Real Time Jam

Published on May 17, 2017 Ariel Raguet

"All the sounds comes from my Pure Data 'self-sounding virtual machines' in real time.
Reverb, delays, limiter and wav recorder are also Pure Data.
Mastering with Goldwave.
Pure Data lives in a Lenovo with a Lexicon Alpha sound interface."

Carbon Electra: Cinematic Dimensions

A new pack via supporting MATRIXSYNTH member Adam Pietruszko of

"The Cinematic Dimensions expansion for Carbon Electra journeys through ambient cinematic electronica, film sound design and thrilling effects. These timbres have been carefully designed for creating emotive sounds suitable for all styles of productions requiring a level of depth.

Cinematic Dimensions consists of 64

Three Time & Timbre TimeStings controlling three TAL-Basslines-101

Published on May 14, 2017 DaanSynthesizers

"There are no midi tracks playing in this video. Everything is done live with the Time&Timbre pack. Every Timesting and Bassline-101 is controlled by three knobs and two sliders:

First knob: Density of the Timesting sequencer
Second knob: Offset of a LFO that controls the Filter Frequency
Third knob: Amount of reverb from a Convolution Reverb

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