New Serge M-odule HEX VCA / MIXER

via carbon111

"The Hex VCA / Mixer consists of the standard (dual) Audio Mixer, a
dual VCA and a (4-input) VC Stereo mixer. Just the ticket for mixing
that palete of Serge colors :)"

Serge Bananalogue VCS PCB

via topp in this thread.

"Bananalogue Serge VCS PCB set- main board is populated, minus pots, no ICs [sockets are there] with .156 MOTM-style power connector.. little boards are bare."

ModularDuino - An Arduino Based Modular Synthesizer Concept

via Gameboy Genius where you will find more info including samples.

"The idea of using my Arduino for modular synth utilities started out as a crazy idea that I’m now starting to seriously like. The pictures above shows my first design, an oscillator. (I have plans for other modules, see the bottom of this post)"

John DuVal - Cassiopeia's Playground (2008)

"Earth Mantra is proud to bring you the long-awaited new release by reknowned analog synthesizer guru and electronic musician John DuVal.

For those who might not be familiar, John is the one-time owner of one of the largest Serge analog modular systems ever assembled, a system nicknamed Fist of God. We have seen pictures of this beast, and believe us when we say that the name is completely appropriate. John is widely regarded, both for his 2003 seminal analog modular epic entitled Hell's Canyon, which is very nearly the textbook example of a perfect analog modular sound painting, as well as for his work with ambient supergroup Dweller At The Threshold, and for his own solo music before that."

You'll find more info with links on Earth Mantra

Serge Modular Spreadsheet

via Carbon111 on the Serge list:

"Ty Hodson has created a really nice spreadsheet literally overflowing with all things Serge - Shop Panels, M-odules, Fuction Blocks and plenty of graphics. Created for his own reasearch purposes, Ty has been gracious enough to allow me to host this resource as part of my Serge Information Pages Project

A direct link to the page is here"

Serge Modular Synth Demo: Seq A + Creature

YouTube via kkonkkrete
"Demo of a few patches on a one-panel Serge modular synth with 2 M-odules: "Seq-A" and the "Creature"."

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