Smother - Luis Gispert, 2008

via Josh Kay (Phoenecia):
"I just finished a soundtrack for a 26 minute film called Smother. I used my monster-case housed Euro-Rack modular and an Arp 2600 as the primary sound sources. These analogue synths were made for drones. There was plenty of post-processing involved, but not a single vsti."

Regarding the image:
"This is my system (the monster case on the left) mixed with Richard Devine's setup. That's the Arp I used on the soundtrack, it used to be mine. Actuality, Rich sold it to me many years ago and eventually I sold it back to him. Since then he's had Phil Cirocco (CMS) thoroughly baptize it (all options except the Moog ladder filter).

In my system, I'd have to say my favorites are the 2 Livewire AFG's the Frequensteiner, the Zeroscillator, the Bananlogue Serge VCS (I wish I had 3 of them), The Plan B model 10 and 24, the Doepfer BBD's (I do have 3 of them), and without a doubt, the MakeNoise QMMG. "

Smother - Luis Gispert, 2008 (Phoenecia's Alternate Score & Edit) from Josh Kay on Vimeo.
"Smother (Phoenecia's Alternate Score & Edit)
Directed by Luis Gispert
Score & Sound Design by Phoenecia (Joshua Kay & Romulo Del Castillo)

From the New York Times review:
"A boy lies on a trampoline, clutching a boombox to his chest. Gradually the blue tarpaulin turns a sickly green as he empties his bladder. “Smother,” a riveting new 26-minute film at Mary Boone Gallery by the New York artist Luis Gispert, explores the relationship between this 11-year-old chronic bed-wetter, also depicted in the photograph at right, and his domineering mother. Like “Stereomongrel,” Mr. Gispert’s 2005 film collaboration with Jeffrey Reed, it follows a precocious pre-adolescent’s odyssey through a perilous adult landscape - in this case 1980s Miami (where Mr. Gispert was raised).

“Smother,” which has a script by Mr. Gispert and the artist Orly Genger and a soundtrack by the experimental duo Phoenecia, is the throbbing, flamingo-pink heart of Mr. Gispert’s two-gallery show, at Mary Boone and Zach Feuer. With its tropical palette and episodic magical realism (which might be too real for some animal lovers), it can seem less like a film than a tenuously linked series of Mr. Gispert’s stills. Dialogue is sparse, and as melodramatic as a telenovela’s. The camera lingers over the spectacular stucco-mansion setting, which Mr. Gispert has aptly described as “narco-nouveau-riche.”

At Zach Feuer Gallery, a sculptural installation echoes the film’s lurid scenery. Photographs of truck interiors, racing-striped walls and high-gloss, heart-shaped speakers put forth a Miami version of the hot-rod-inspired art that emerged in 1960s Southern California. - Karen Rosenberg

The alternate score & edit is a remixed version of Smother including parts that were omitted from the release version. An alternate reworked 20 minute version of Smother appears on Phoenecia's Echelon Mall, a collection of works for film & gallery exhibitions. Echelon Mall is scheduled for release in March on Schematic.

Mary Boone Gallery page:
Zach Feuer Gallery page:
New York Times review:
Artnet Magazine review:
New York Sun review:
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flickr by sduck409
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"This is my build of the Bananalogue Serge VCS in MOTM format. This is an extremely quirky multifunction module that was originally designed by Serge Tcherepnin in the early 70's, resulting in the Dual Universal Slope Generator that is in Serge modulars. I always wanted one, having watched several friends with these synths program complex patches based on this module. When Bananalogue came out with this module in euro and frac format, I approached them about buying several of the pcb's so I could put them behind MOTM format panels, but was refused, as they were plannng on producing them in that format "soon". Some time passed, and apparently the plan was dashed, as they seem to be reorganizing, and selling off all their old stuff. I bought several pcb's from them, including 2 of these in MOTM format, and it was a pretty simple build once I figured out a panel layout."

Modular Soundscape

Modular Soundscape from verstaerker on Vimeo.
"this patch is done with the Serge Animal for the drone-noisescape, Livewire AFG random melodie with basses and blips, Cwejman S1 for the bells"

Serge House -- Creature/Quad Tr-606 and roland 104

YouTube via b3nsf
"I hooked up the Serge to the Roland 104 sequencer with the grounding kit, made a sequence and a little beat on the tr-606. I really like how easy it is to control the serge! Thanks goes to Rex for answering my questions in full detail... I'm loving this Beast!!"

Serge Creature Scarey Alien Space Sounds

YouTube via b3nsf
"I made this outer space freaky alien squeals and rumbles patch, and I dig it. Check it out!! Serge Creature and Quad Slope M-odules..."

Serge Creature and Quad Slope Fun patch

"Me and Judah tweak the first patch on my serge, very fun stuff!!'

Serge is Cool for Cats

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Serge Modular Synth with 1st and 2nd Gen Panels

via this auction
"First Generation Panel
-Top Left (Left Half): Oscillator, Oscillator, Oscillator, Comparator
-Top Left (Right Half): Schmitt Trigger, Triple Wave-Shaper, Dual Mixer

Second/Early Third Generation Panel
-Top Right (Left Half): Stepped Function V.C. Generator/Smooth Function, Dual Universal Slope Generator, Variable Q VCF (1978 Era)
-Top Right (Right Half): Positive Slew, Negative Slew, Dual Processor (1973-75 Era; Unlabeled)

Unknown Generation Panel
-Bottom Left (Left Half): Mults, Filter, Filter, Ring, Gate, Gate
-Bottom Left (Right Half): Gate, Dual Mixer, Bi-Directional Router, Send

Unknown Custom Panel
-Bottom Right (Left Half): Unknown Custom
-Bottom Right (Right Half): Unknown Custom"

Bananalogue VCS as a fuzz device

YouTube via AlexPears
"Here is the first of what I hope to be many synth videos, in this one I show how to use the Bananalogue VCS as a self oscillating fuzz of sorts."

New Serge M-odule EQShifter m-odule

"a new Serge M-odule has been released: the EQShifter m-odule.

it includes a Resonant EQ module, a Dual Phase Shifter module, a Dual Audio Mixer module, and an XFAD module.

the Price is 1700 USD."

via Bakis

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