sequential circuits

sequential circuits

Sequential Circuits MULTI-TRAK & MAX Flexi-Disc Demos by John Bowen

Published on Dec 22, 2017 peahix

"Found this in my old box of 45s and figured I'd stick it up here since it doesn't seem to exist on YouTube as of this date."

Sequential Circuits MAX Flexi-Disc Demo by John Bowen

Published on Dec 22, 2017 peahix

Not sure that's John's voice in this one. If it is, he sounds different! That is his voice in the Multi-Trak demo above. According to the

Glou-Glou Rendez-Vous Phaser/Filter With Pro-One Synth

Published on Dec 20, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

"This video shows some sounds that are possible with the Glou-Glou Rendez-Vous phaser and filter pedal. The input sound is a Sequential Circuits Pro-One monophonic synthesizer. The Rendez-Vous has many options for sound shaping as well as signal routing and includes an LFO, envelope follower and CV input.

Rendezvous available here: https://

SCI Prophet 5 and Roland SDE 2500 Delay, SRV-330 Reverb

Published on Dec 12, 2017 Rüdiger Gaenslen

"Mein neuer Film Prophet 5 SDE SRV"

Reverb Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Synth Collection Sample Pack Analog Rik Marston

Published on Dec 6, 2017 SynthgodXXX

"Synthesizer / Sampler Demo by Rik Marston **100% No Talking!!**
**Watch in HD!!** **Turn it UP!!**
All samples demoed here are available NOW at:

And 7 more AWESOME Synthesizer Sample Packs HERE:

Here is the budget-friendly Reverb Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.3 Synthesizer with Midi

via this auction

"The synth was serviced several weeks ago and has a new battery, cleaned ic sockets, aligned j wires, all switches, jacks, controls and connectors cleaned as well.

In other words this synth is in PERFECT working condition."

Santa FTW

Published on Dec 1, 2017 Lackan

"From all of us to all of you - a realy synthetic, analog Christmas with a lot of Linndrum, ARP2600, OB•Mx and Pro~One. Live and prosper in peace!"

Likely the first time you've seen a Christmas tree play a synth. There's a rendered ARP Odyssey in there as well.

Treat Yourself :)