sequential circuits

sequential circuits

[MV] 키보디스트 지현수의 " Sky Walker " (Full ver.)

Published on Feb 9, 2015 musicstory80

Minimoog Model D on leads.

지현수 Mini Album (First Mover) 중 첫번째 트랙.
Artist: 지현수(Ji Hyun Soo)

원작자:이사오 사사키
편곡: 지현수

SCI Sequential Circuits Pro-8 SN 12058

via this auction

"Fully functional. Recently serviced and cleaned.

Wooden side cheek has a crack and there is a hairline crack on the lowest key (as seen in a photo), but triggers and has no effect on normal playability.

The white grid to record patch information using a pencil, is not there.
100V unit."

New Book on the History and Impact of MIDI, "Mad Skills: MIDI and Music Technology in the 20th Century"

Mad Skills: MIDI and Music Technology in the 20th Century is a new book from Ryan A. Diduck set to be released on March 13. It is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.

The following is a quick intro from Ryan:

Growing from my PhD research at McGill University, under Jonathan Sterne's supervision, Mad Skills is a timely cultural history of MIDI — as you know, the most ubiquitous and

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak SN 001201

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"The Six-Trak features two operational modes: Polyphonic Mode and Unison Mode. In Unison mode, with all six oscillators, this baby gets fat, rich, creamy and wild making it an excellent stand-in for Moog-like sounds. Also, the Six-Trak is capable of interesting and complex sound effects, mostly thanks to useful cross modulation and the six oscillators. It also includes a simple

DSI OB-6 and SCI Prophet-5 at NAMM Booth

via @dsiSequential

"#NAMM2018 | Come play the #OB6 & #Prophet5 at @reverbdotcom Booth 4220"

Side note: DSI and Moog decided to skip NAMM. Both are busy working on new projects this year.

Lackan goes Dawless

Published on Jan 25, 2018 Lackan

"The most fun I had in years: I recently got an ARP1601 Sequencer and have now everything hooked up oldschool with CV/Gate. Pro-One is controlling the base pitch of the sequencer and the sequencer is controlling the rest.

The music is one take, played live and recorded in to Logic.

As you can hear I added the vocals later though..."

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