sequential circuits

sequential circuits

JJ Abrams Synthwood Sequential Circuits Pro-One

Yes, this JJ Abrams

THE JJ Abrams of Bad Robot that brought us Alias, Lost, Fringe and is about to bring us the new Star Trek film. If you were a fan of Music Thing you might remember that JJ Abrams is actually a synth aficionado from this post.

THIS IS his Pro-One redone by Synthwood. You can find more images of it here.

So... My question is... When are we going to see an obscure synth on Lost! Come on JJ, it would fit right in, you can do it! :)

Labeling this one as "Featured." If it's not worthy of the label, I don't know what is... Think about it, the guy behind Bad Robot is into synths! [Lost is my favorite show on TV BTW]

Note the inscription on the modwheel casing in the bottom shot.

SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS TOM - 8-bit vintage drum machine 1985

YouTube via AnalogAudio1
"The Sequential (Circuits) TOM is a great drum machine - similar to the SCI Drumtraks. Also it could be the little brother of the Studio 440. It has a decent MIDI implementation and understands MIDI SysEx. The TOM's memory contains 8 samples; inserting a sound cartridge, you can have 7 additional samples. The crispy 8-bit samples sound great. In this video you will hear the following cartridges: "basic percussion", "special effects", "latin percussion" and "contemporary"."

Red MacBeth M5N

via Heath Finnie who has two new albums out. Ironically they do not feature the M5N, but it will be featured in a new release.

Some notes on the current albums:
"Two of my albums are now available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, etc. These are made of of songs/fragments that were worked on over the last few years. So these are compilations, but of things that have never been for sale before. "Sounds From Beneath the Floorboards" is a full albums worth of louder and nosier songs, and the ep "Moments Before the Eclipse" is a mix of some louder and some more melodic songs. I'm putting together "The Leaves that are Brown" which is a compilation from the same period but will feature more mellow and even ambient recordings from the same time period. "

Synths used:
ARP Odyssey MK1
EML 101
EML 200
EML 400/401
EMS Synthi A
Korg MS-10
Korg MS-20
Moog Memorymoog Plus
Oberheim Matrix-12
Roland System 700
SCI Prophet 10


flickr by Acusonic24
full size
"Yeah you heard right. This is a maual cut prophet 10. Only a handful of these beast exist. They were to un-sturdy and very fragile to be road worthy. It over heat more than the p10s and p5 rev 1-2s. All of them were ssm chip models."

Sequential Circuits Pro One

via this auction

"The synth has a new custom case/pitch bend/mod wheel section done by LED kit to light up the new pitch bender/mod wheel and it would just need to be installed. This is a J wire model and when it comes to Pro One's this is the only way to go."

Mike Oldfield & Anita Hegerland-Innocent (Original Version)

YouTube via balabanbal. Sent my way via khoral:
"1989 "Innocent" video and Mike Oldfield goofing around with a Korg M1 and an Atari ST."

"Second one needs some explanation for the non-French, eheh... Les inconnus were a very popular french comedy act, performing live and hosting successful tv shows circa 1990-1992. This clip is a parody of a very lousy Cure rip-off synth band that was big in the late 80s, with fake interview bits. The lyrics are totally moronic, with the same dull sentence repeated over and over. I think there's a Memorymoog and a Prophet 5... can't seem to recognize the third one." Anyone ID the third synth? Kind of looks like a KORG DW8000.
Simmons drum pads as well.

2. Les Inconnus - Isabelle a les Yeux Bleus

YouTube via jplarch

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