Improvisation with Polymoog

Published on Jan 13, 2018

"Here some improvisation with the Polymoog. I bought the Polymoog 203A in the beginning of 2016 in a not working condition. Since then I replaced and fixed lots of components. Big thanks to Jareth for the occasional support. But last year I was stuck with the repairs because I could not get the 2 reference oscillators properly working. Thanks to Eric van Baaren (aka

A New World - Firechild

Published on Oct 30, 2017 MrFirechild

"The lead sound in this track is heavily inspired by Kitaro┬┤s signature lead coming from the Minikorg 700s. This time it is made with two Oakley Journeyman filters in series and a Corsynth VCO. Yamaha CS-80, Prophet-10, OB-X and Club Of The Knobs modular can also be heard in this Epic track. Composed and Produced by"

Fenix II Acid

Published on Apr 29, 2017 splitradix

"All synth audio from the Fenix II. Bass sequenced by the Cirklon, acid line sequenced by the TB303. Drums by the TR808. Bit of delay via an Eventide H8000FW."

modular jam w / cirklon, elektron

Published on Jul 14, 2016 josker

"Basically the first idea with modular that developed into a songish form.

I'm driving my trusty Roland XV -5050 rompler and Braids into Clouds, which is pitch-modulated. drums Rytm, bass and small trinkets A4. Cirklon controls (and rules) all."

uzumaki / the storm

Published on Feb 25, 2016 dresseduplunch

"Another little track preview for the new set I'm working on.. During the absence of my xbase I decided to get a Jomox MBase to fill in for it, so this one is a bit of a hybrid. We'll see where it goes.. :)

Equipment this time..
Vermona Perfourmer MK2 / Jomox Mbase / Elektron Octatrack / Sequentix Cirklon / Moog MF104M / DSI Prophet 08 / Some other

Sync Gen II Cirklon JD 990

Published on Oct 24, 2012 by innerclock2004

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