1973 1974 Emu Modular Synthesizer Catalog/Brochure/Price Lists

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"Original emu Systems synthesizer catalog or brochure, which also gives design and modification plans for hobbyists. From 73 or 74 we also have included price lists and factory bulletins. Bound into a three ring binder, it is around 100 pages or so. Very nice condition for its age."

The First Synth Ad in Keyboard Magazine

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"Flipping through old @KeyboardMag issues. First gear ad from the first issue (1975). That @moogmusicinc synth drawing needs to be a t-shirt"

Be sure to see Retro Synth Ads for more synth history captured through scans of various adverts and articles over the years.

Fully Restored Vintage LYRICON Electronic Wind Synthesizer

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"They don't get much more rare than this, especially FULLY RESTORED and in 100% playing condition!

If you're found your way to this auction, chances are you know what you're looking at...

Restored Vintage LYRICON I electronic saxophone wind synthesizer

Three months ago, it was completely repaired and restored by the only human in the world with the knowledge and special


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"IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND forty-two year old Moog Synthesizer artifact. This mentions Roger Powell's work with Weather Report, the New York Rock and Roll Ensemble and Felix Cavaliere of The Rascals but makes no mention of Todd Rundgren's Utopia, a band Roger joined in late 1973, dating this document to early 1974. One two-sided page approximately 8 and 1/2 inches by 12 inches. Has

The Origin of the Moog Trademark Logo

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"This month in 1964, the iconic Moog trademark logo was introduced."

It reads:

“This year, the R.A. Moog Co. begins its second decade of service to musicians, enxperimenters, and hobbyists. As a result of the first decade’s accomplishments, the R.A. Moog Co. is now regarded as a leader in the field of electronic music instrumentation.

A new trademark has been created to

Moog Music NAMM 2017 Exclusive DON BUCHLA Notebook, Poster & Ballpoint Pen

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"MOOG NAMM 2017 Exclusive DON BUCHLA graph paper notebook, folded poster, & ballpoint pen. These souvenir items were only available at the Moog booth at NAMM 2017. They made several different notebooks with illustrations of synth pioneers who passed away in 2016. This is the Don Buchla notebook. The poster shows the rest of the designs. All items are in new condition. Please

EML ELECTROCOMP-101 Vintage Synth Keyboard Original Owners Manual w/ extras

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"This is an original E.M.L. 101 manual. Also included is a brochure, a price list, packing procedure(for EML 200 or 400), keyboard cleaning instructions and a panel jack list."

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