Redrawn Buchla 230A Envelope Follower

via Ricko on this thread where you will find more info.

New Rhodes Chroma Paramater Chart

You can find the full size paramater chart with the list of updates on the excellent Rhodes Chroma site.

Rod Argent SCI Pophet 5 & 10 Ad

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Prophet-5 Spec Sheet

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"This came with the prophet back in the days when I bought it at Wine Country Sequintial Circuts in 1999. In 2002 I sold The Prophet to get the never been use ,spankin new Memorymoog That never was opened. Didn't regret it but Will get another Prophet 5 along with the Prophet 08 Cause there both plentiful more so than the memory. Prophets sold more than the memorymoog Cause the Prophets was the first Poly Programmable synth. Memorymoogs Was and is a monsterous synth but very very very unreliable, always a voice detune, etc. Later on in the late 80 to the early 90s on up to today, lintronics Made a super reliable Kit for the memory and added dual out plus a super midi kit, new display,gold pots,jacks and etc. Never had any serious problems with my memory yet, every now and then a voice acts up but not often that happends, But anyways, Always gotta have a Prophet in the arsenal."

Syntovox S222 Schematics

via Andrew:

"Burt Vermeulen, recently added some schematics to his page for the 222 which is amazing for synto 222 owners everywhere."

Synth Books via 123synthland

123synthland aka minimi123 has a number of books and synth documentation on his ebay auction list. Pictured here are:

Buchla Electric Music Box 200 Modular Synth System Spec
Aries System 300 Modular Synthesizer Synth Modules Spec
Serge Modular Music Systems Analog Synth Panel Spec

Note I used the scans label below not because these are scans but because people looking for scans/documentation might find these shots interesting. Be sure to check out the auction for more including a Crumar Stratus, Oberheim TVS, Moog Taurus and a Studio Electronics MIDI Moog Minimoog Oscillator Board - hardware not documentation on these.

Peter Forest's A-Z of Analogue Synthesisers

via this auction
This is just a glimpse of what's in there. An absolute must have for the synth enthusiast. My words, not the auction. Seriously the A-Z of Analogue Synthesizers is the desert island set of synth books. Highly recommended. Note they are listed in the Synth Books section.

"A complete two-volume set of the most comprehensive encyclopaedia of analogue synths and keyboards in the world - direct from the author.

The original A-M was produced in 1994, and then re-written and expanded in 1998. There are probably nearly twice as many words crammed in to the second edition as there were in the first. The second edition has 320 pages, 16 of which are full colour, while the original edition only had 240 pages. There's a whole lot of extra information about EMS, Moog, and many other manufacturers; a greatly improved index, and a new index to the musicians mentioned in the book. So if you're into, say, Tangerine Dream, you can find the 25 pages on which they're mentioned; Tim Blake, 8 pages; and even Tim Buckley on two.

The first edition was printed in a run of 2000, and 2000 copies of this revised edition were also printed. This second edition has been officially out of print for a year now, so is impossible to buy via any bookseller like Amazon. I thought I had run out of every single mint copy of the books, but today my wife was doing a bit of cleaning and pulled out a drawer, and discovered two packets of books underneath the drawer. We then looked in the other side of the chest of drawers and found two more packets, making 96 books in all. This particular book is one of the books that the printer printed as 'run-on' - when a printer is supposed to print 2000 they will always do a few more to be certain they have done enough, in case a few have blemishes. That means it has no official number in the limited edition, so I have numbered it out of 2096 and initialed the number. (But just to be more complicated.... we're disappointed to find that many of the books have some slight defects from their long time in non-perfect storage - mostly where one or two of the colour photo pages have stuck together in places - talk about synth porn..... - and you can see where they have had to be peeled apart. Usually on the page edges, not very serious, but there when you look for it. So this unblemished A-M is one of only very few still in existence - the rest will have to be sold as imperfect.)

The original N-Z was printed in 1996, in a run of 2000, and then the second revised edition (of 3000) was printed in 2003. It has 384 pages, including 16 in full colour. Please check the photos to see the sort of coverage you will get of rare, obscure instruments like the Syntons and Wavemakers or ultra-famous offerings like the Rolands and Yamahas.

The total number of words in these two books is probably over half a million. With hundreds of illustrations, charts, etc., the whole package provides a comprehensive guide to analogue synths, organs, electric pianos, theremins, etc., up to 1998 for ones beginning A-M, and 2003 for the N-Zs. The books have been well-reviewed in magazines all round the world, and enjoyed by some of the best-known names in electronic music, such as Fatboy Slim, Hans Zimmer, Herbie Hancock, and Adrian Utley of Portishead.

Who's selling: my name's Peter Forrest. I've been writing about synths, keyboards, effects and recording gear for nearly 20 years now, and I run an internet auction called VEMIA (Vintage Electric Musical Instrument Auctions) which specialises in synths, drum machines, effects, and so on. Please check my feedback to see that you can bid with confidence. Feel free to email me any questions."

Complete Guide to the Yamaha DX7

via this auction

"A Complete Guide to the DX Synthesizer gives the reader a general description of how to operate the DX7 II (and DX7) and use its advanced sound programming capabilities. It is not a replacement for the owner's manual but rather should be considered a supplement to the manual for beginners and professionals alike. The body of this book explains the new features of the DX7 II in great detail and offers specific examples and sample applications."

New Blofeld Manuals are online

via Holger Steinbrink of Waldorf on the Waldorf list:

"The new Blofeld manuals including Blofeld Keyboard functions and Multimode are available as PDF. Here are the download links:
English version [8.37M PDF]
German version [8.52M PDF]

Electronic Musical Instrument Handbook, 1st Ed.

via this auction
"Electronic Musical Instrument Handbook, 1st Ed.
by Norman H. Crowhurst
Here in one concise volume is everything you ever wanted to know about vintage electronic musical instruments, including the famous RCA Mark II Synthesizer and that ethereal favorite, the theremin. Photos, diagrams, and vacuum tube schematics galore. VERY scarce title. Overall, the 47 year-old book is in excellent condition. Paperback, 128 pages. First edition, first printing. Copyright 1962.

Contents Include:
1. Introduction to Musical Instruments
2. Sound Reinforcement by Microphone
3. Sound Reproduction by Pickups
4. Introducing Electronics into the Design
5. Purely Electronic Musical Instruments (tone generators, analysis & synthesis)
6. Transducers for Musical Instruments (microphones, pickups, speakers, effects)
7. Electronic Circuit Elements (incl. tremolo & vibrato)
8. Installation and Servicing Details (matching, hum, acoustic feedback, servicing)"
Also on Amazon,and added to the Synth Books section on the right.

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