Death By 8:08 Drum Sample Pack OUTSIDER SOUND DESIGN

Published on Apr 16, 2018 Outsider Sound Design

"Promo video for the DEATH BY 8:08 drum sample pack.

Death By 8:08 is the Outsider version of the classic 808 drum sounds. This one-shot sample pack includes all original, newly created samples from scratch using all hardware analog oscillators and noise sources-No drum machines. In addition, hardware 8-bit converters, digital processing, analog

New Loops Releases Parsec 2 Pro Expansion for Propellerheads Parsec 2

"Parsec 2 Pro Expansion features 120 powerful new Parsec 2 presets including a wide range of inspiring sounds for Pop, Hip Hop, EDM, Cinematic, and other electronic styles. There's plenty of popular EDM sounds like Trap leads, House basses, Techno synths, EDM plucks, Dubstep basses, Trance pads, Drum and Bass synths and loads more. It's not all Techno and Dubstep though, with plenty of unique

New Loops Announces Release of Trap Construction Kits

"New Loops has announced the release of Trap Construction Kits.

Included is over 400 Trap samples (including multi-samples) and more than 150 Trap loops as well as over 80 sampler patches. You’ll find huge Trap kicks, rolling hi hats, punchy snares, melodic plucks, epic sound effects, vocals, basses and loads more.

New Loops Trap Kits is available in 2 separate formats - Wav Pack, and Reason

4 New No Brainer Deals from

" has announced 4 new no brainer deals with up to 70% off. Included are presets for Spire VST, Trap and Bass House kits, and the huge Percussion Mega Pack (2500 sounds) is £75 off!

There's also an extra 15% off all orders over £39. Go to the New Loops No Brainers page to see all deals and subscribe the free newsletter to get new offers straight to your inbox.

These deals end on

CZtranger Things

Published on Aug 14, 2016 CZounds

"CZounds presents its eleventh patch set CZtranger Things.

16 free patches for Casio CZ synthesizers inspired by the Stranger Things theme song.

Patches available at"

Free Roland TR​-​808 E​-​mu SP​-​1200 Soquelle Sample Kit

Roland TR-808 E-mu SP-1200 Soquelle Sample Kit by Soquelle

You can hear this exact TR808 kit used on Soquelle's tracks such as Godfather.

"Soquelle has created a free sample kit from our Roland TR-808 drum machine and E-Mu SP-1200 sampler. Get the classic TR-808 bass, snare, clap and hi hats!

What makes this Roland TR-808 sample kit different from all the rest?
These samples were captured

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