Rolf Degen

Rolf Degen

DE-GENERATOR with Midi Control Change

Published on Feb 14, 2018 Rolf Degen

Projekt (english):
Projekt (german):

New Sequencer from DE-GENERATOR

Published on Sep 6, 2017 Rolf Degen

See this post for some details that previously went up.

Arpeggio function in DEGENERATOR

Published on Apr 1, 2017 Rolf Degen

"Arpeggio function in DIY Synthesizer DEGENERATOR"

See the Rolf Degen label below for more.

De-Generator DIY samplesynthesizer

Published on Jan 13, 2017 Andre' Laska

"here is the first official video from our new De-Generator DIY samplesynthesizer."

Note this is a TubeOhm product.

-Display 320x200 full color
-stereo Filter 12 dB stereo 24dB mono
-inbuild delay
-sample up to 20 seconds REC/PLAY
-banks with 128 Samples on SD card
-128 inbuild waveforms for the

FM-Synthese with DIY Synthesizer "DE.generator"

Published on Jul 31, 2015 Rolf Degen

"Simple FM_Synthese with two oscillators (modulator + Carrier)"

Example of FM synthesis visualized with an oscilloscope.

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