Overdubbing Z3000 voices

Overdubbing Z3000 voices from GM on Vimeo.
"All the sounds including the drum sounds were made using three Z3000 by overdubbing. The pad sound toward the end was generated by a roland JX3P and was process in the modular using the Z5000."

Oral Hygiene via Punk Disco

via Punk Disco on AH:

"Hey all

We unashamedly sold out with this one. We have decided to abandon our punk ethics (it worked for The Clash) and go for the big corporate sponsorship deal. Within 6 months, this track will be played to you each time you open your toothpaste, via tiny little space age microchip record players. Colgate, Macleans, etc, email oral at punkdisco dot with your offers.

Most of the annoying mid-frequencies, discounting Leah, are from the HardSID 4U which we have fallen in love with. There is also some MKS80 and SunSyn love action.

PS: I have also just uploaded a slightly tweaked version of our "At the dISCO" track but unless you are an avid punkdISCO fan (hi Mum), you probably will not notice.

Punk is for life, not just for Christmas.

Banned by YouTube video (Obviously NOT SAFE FOR WORK):

Mickey Mouse is Dead - punkdISCO

YouTube via punkdiscoUK
"Our first version was banned by YouTube as the "submission violates our Terms of Service on pornography, obscene or defamatory material". So, here is our heavily edited and hopefully "YouTube friendly" version.. Paul and Leah xxx"
"thats mental! and rather fkin ace too! cheers! dick subhumans""

Roland Jupiter-8

via this auction

Inside a Roland Jupiter-8

One Of The First Vocoder Machine

YouTube via radioshaolin.
I just spotted this one over on Analog Suicide. I swore I put this one up before, but I can't find it, so here it is. Be sure to check out this Sonovox post for another oldie.

And this is now: @ NAMM 2008 - Fun with Roland VP-550

SynthMania studio - December 19, 2008

YouTube via SynthManiaDotCom. Mother... Fuck..e...r... Posting this one for the images and the memories. Anastasia's T99? was the track from my Rave memories. Marley is always good. Who is that at 2:50? Good memories.. OK... I go now...
"'s studio - December 19, 2008
A video fly-by of some classic and modern synthesizers. "


via this auction


Based on the seller's other items, I'm guessing this is a reproduction and not an original.

Roland Juno-6

Final Fantasy VI - Decisive Battle

YouTube via KuresunaZero. Roland SH-201
"So heres me playing FFVI's Decisive battle aka. boss theme. originaly, i was going to do this in a few takes a splice it all togeather but i thought, what the hell, might aswell try and do it in a single take.

Stuffed up abit but who cares.

Hi to the people at WoV!"

Russ from Electric Contracdiction on the Rolands

YouTube via cinnamonjuly
"808s and Russ "

Treat Yourself :)