MONOZYGOTIC// OB-66, Prophet-12, Sub37, TR-8 x2

Published on Mar 15, 2018 MR TUNA Music

"Capman rides again."

fun stuff.

Roland GR-55 Cooper FX Outward Dwarfcraft Grazer and Red Panda Tensor

Published on Mar 15, 2018 Outsider Sound Design

"Experimenting with the GR55, 2 x Cooper FX Outward, Dwarfcraft Grazer, and Red Panda Tensor.
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Roland SH7 synthesiser in superb condition

via this auction

"Launched by Roland in the late 70s as their flagship monosynth at the time, the culmination of the legendary SH range. Its a powerful and flexible beast and rare to find too, particularly in this condition.

About this Roland SH7

Overall, the synth is in superb working condition.

The front panel is very clean, with hardly a mark to be seen, just small blemishes. The side

Roland JD-800 w/ New Keybed

via this auction

"Serviced - incl NEW keybed installed."

Roland SH-101 Overview Videos by Marc Doty aka AutomaticGainsay

Published on Mar 15, 2018 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is the answer to the question posed by the last video... what synthesizer was used to make the music in that video? Well, it was the Roland SH-101. Here is the theme of the upcoming Roland SH-101 series wherein you can see each part of the multitracked performances that comprise it."

00-The Roland SH-101-Introduction/theme

more to

Reverb Roland Alpha Juno Synth Collection Sample Pack WAV Synthesizer Rik Marston

Published on Mar 14, 2018 SynthgodXXX

""Reverb Roland Alpha Juno Synth Collection Sample Pack"
Synthesizer / Sampler Demo by Rik Marston **100% No Talking!!**
**Watch in HD!!** **Turn it UP!!**
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Here is the

Roland TR-8S Sounds

Published on Mar 14, 2018 Perfect Circuit Audio

"The Roland TR-8S is an updated version of the TR-8 drum machine that has the ACB (analog circuit behavior) models of the TR-606, TR-707, TR-727, TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines as well as the addition of sample playback from and SD card. The TR-8S version also has an updated sequencer and effects.

TR-8S available here: https://

Boss CE1 - Two Minute Demo

Published on Mar 14, 2018 AsteroidKillerMusic

"A short demo of the Boss CE1 chorus and vibrato pedal. The sound comes from a Roland JX8P and was recorded direct in to the camera."

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