YouTube via mopipi2. cool seeing the red and blue SH-101s together.

Possible Repair Technique for the 80017a, the Juno-106 Voice Chip

YouTube via rolandsh1000
"Upfront, I'd like to say that I take no credit for inventing this technique, only for demonstrating it. I was inspired to try it by two compelling images that a person named Ramcur had posted on Flickr. I emailed him and he told me what he had done. So very special thanks to Ramcur for the method, and thanks to Chris Strellis ( and K/Modeless Factory ( on the Analog Heaven mailing list for sending me sample failed chips to test this method out. Please visit their sites and patronize their services!

Some background: my HS-60 had 4 bad voices so I removed those 80017a's with plans to buy clones sometime in the future. But after I stumbled across Ramcur's photos, I tried to see if these chips could be repaired. I first used a professional heat gun, and I was able to salvage 2 of the 4 chips satisfactorially by simply removing the resin coating of the chips (the right heat allowed me to peel the coating off). But that was still only 50% yield and about 30minutes messing around with the heat gun - not easy.

After Ramcur emailed me back about using acetone, I tried it on a bad 80017 that Chris Strellis had sent me and it worked great. So I decided to create a video to show how this might be done. In the video, my HS-60 has been fitted with SIP socket to allow for quick swap out of the chips for testing. These sockets are in voice slots 2 and 3. Slot 1 has a 'known good' chip for comparison. In the final part of the video, I installed the chip that I was able to get "cleaned" in slot 2 for comparison to the good chip in slot 1 (slots 3, 4, 5, and 6 have no chips/are empty). I apologize for the bad lighting in that last part.

Does this really fix the chips? What about longer-term performance? The chips I've "rescued" so far I have put in my constantly-powered-on HS-60 for over a week and checked them twice a day and all of them no longer had any popping or cracking or cut-outs or runaway resonance or any of the classic failure modes of the 80017a. They did sound slightly different chip-to-chip, but I think that was due to me not recalibrating the trimmers for each voice.

Should you try this? I'd say you have nothing to lose and, as I show, it's pretty easy to do. If you already have a bad voice chip in your 106 or HS-60, you already would have to desolder it to install the reportedly-excellent clones from D'Naab ( So you could try this method first and, if it doesn't work or it's not to your liking, or you just want the comfort of something pretty much guaranteed, then you can always get the clone.

As the weeks go forward and I get time, I'll be subjecting this method to a lot of known-dead chips. I'll try to report back how that goes.

Good luck!"

Roland SH-101 + TR-808 + Juno-60

YouTube via retrosound72
"vintage synth demo by RetroSound

Roland SH-101 Analog Synthesizer;
internal sequencer is triggered by the Roland TR-808:
sweep-sound @ 4.00: Roland Juno-60
drums: Roland TR-808

more info: and"

Variation on Bach's Prelude No 1 for Modular Synthesizer

YouTube via justwaving
"Another tune just using sequencers, a Q119, Q960 and an M563. This is another one of my favourite Bach pieces (probably because its on of the few Bach pieces I can play!) It also uses the Analogue Solutions TR-808 and TR-909 drum machine clones, driven by the Superb Moonmodular M563."

Elka Synthex & TR 808

YouTube via zaphid


YouTube via bigcitymusic
"The Diabolical 606 is back again. This time it's being shaped and mangled by the SubDecay Prometheus pedal and the Catalinbread Heliotrope.
The Prometheus is an absolutely beautiful sounding envelope filter.(Maybe not in this instance). This is one of the cleanest, most pure sounding filters out there. Really! It has up and down envelope modes as well as a super hip LFO/sample & hold modulation option. There are high, band and low pass modes that can be swept with the frequency knob. You can turn down the envelope amount and use it as a fixed filter too!
Last in the chain is the Catalinbread Heliotrope. This is a super affordable, versatile and great sounding pedal. You can get bit-crushing, crazed ring modulator effects, a nice distortion via the "gain" knob, and there are two modes. "Hi" mode is a more subtle setting for sample rate reduction and bit depth. "Low" mode will turn your source sound into a groveling pile of sloshy bits and digital nastiness. We'll try and do some more refined videos with these pedals soon.
Thanks for watching!"

Roland RS-202

via this auction

note this is the one from this video.

"Roland RS 202 , string sound of the 70's The sound is warm and grainy and with a bit of external reverb you can really pull off a great synth string sound.

A great sounding analog string synth with an easy to use front control panel and containg the great roland ensemble sound used in so many roland synths of this era. Cosmetically this keyboard is ok , it has some chipped paint and scratches. Its in 100% working order and sounds great! I think it makes a great vintage analog gig instrument due to the fact of its heavy metal faceplate and being built into a flight case... a good article about the rs 202 from sound on sound"

Parallel Worlds "Shade"

A few new pics from Bakis of Parallel Worlds. Bakis has a new release out named "Shade". You can find more info on the release at DiN, the record label as well as Bakis' news page. You can find ordering details here. Some words on the production from Bakis: "almost no sampled percussion has been used in the whole "Shade" album. most of the percussion / drums and percussive loops have been synthesized in great detail, using the analogue modular walls. takes much time, but the results are worth it!"

BTW, you might also recognize the name Bakis from these posts. Bakis never fails to let us know when new Serge modules are announced. You will also find more images of his impressive studio, links to interviews, his music and more. He is the moderator of the Doepfer A100 list and was extensively involved with sound design for Analogue Systems. I have his CD, "Obsessive Realism" and it is excellent - brooding at times, angelic at others. It is filled with textures against analog percussive rhythms.

S4K monster lead performed by Gilles, S4K Patches

YouTube via Space4Keys
"S4K monster lead performed by Gilles on Roland Keytar
S4K Patches"

Roland JP 4 not working ...any suggestions?

YouTube via mik300z
"Any ideas synthheads? It has been stored in a cold/damp environment for over a year or so . It may be voice chips but I think I may have heard 4 notes simultaneously. Notes will not release at all, hold button in off position. I am downloading owners and service manuals to see if they are of any help."

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