Signals 2018 - Patchwerks Seattle Synth Meet Pics by Larry Kleinke aka Computer Controlled

Great set of pics by Larry Kleinke aka Computer Controlled. Mouse over and use the forward and backward arrows to flip through.

See the Patchwerks label below for more.

MOLECULE - Creating Music in a World of Ice

Published on Feb 26, 2018 MOLECULE

"MOLECULE - Behind "-22.7°C"
"-22.7°C" - MOLECULE's new album :
Directed by Vincent Bonnemazou in collaboration with Jan Kounen & Molécule."

"For his latest albums, Molécule has not only explored the world of sound, but the sound of the world, creating music on the high seas aboard a trawler for "60°43' Nord", and on

Polypumpkins - Mystic Civilization (Novation Peak ONLY) Synthy Ambient Chillout

Published on Apr 3, 2018 Polypumpkins

"Entire track including drums were made by Novation Peak only. Edited with Ableton Live. Track for a mysterious future civilization which is not even born yet.

This awesome comp art was made by BoldCat @ Deviant Art .

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Polypumpkins - Disastrous Awakening (Roland Juno-106S x Korg Arp Odyssey) Synthwave Retrowave

Published on Jul 5, 2016 Polypumpkins


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Polypumpkins - Dusty Dusk (Korg Arp Odyssey x Roland Juno-106S) Synthwave Retrowave

Published on Jul 5, 2016 Polypumpkins

Roland JD800 90's Digital Programmable Synthesiser SN ZC30259

via this auction

"This unit has just come from a service and is working perfectly.

Service included:
All sliders cleaned and lubricated.
Tact switched replaced.
Deep clean.
New key bed which does not have the 'red sticky glue' issue."

Roland JX-3P / D-Tronics DT200 // SYNC

Published on Apr 18, 2018 se7ense7

"The LFO doesn't go into audio-rate so it's not very good for heavy modulation."

Roland SH-01a VS vintage Roland SH-101: head to head comparison test!!!

Published on Apr 18, 2018 gattobus

"I programmed the same patch on a Roland SH-01a and on the original vintage SH-101, then I recorded two identical loops and played it one after another... Can you tell which is which, before the end of the video? :D
There are some differences but anyway, I think the comparison is pretty impressive, isn' it?"

Logan Vocalist (1979) and friends - 70s french "special" movie soundtrack music

Published on Apr 18, 2018 RetroSound

"(c) 2018 vintage synthesizer demo by RetroSound

Logan Vocalist - 37-note (F-F) monophonic and polyphonic analog choir synthesizer from the year 1979

Rare like stardust and maybe one of the most interesting human voice synths ever.

Made in Italia.

The sound is a bit like the Roland VP-330 human voice section but you have a lot more possiblities with

Roland TB-303 Bass Line w/ Sync Output, Original Gig Bag & Manual

via this auction

"This Roland TB-303 synthesizer is the only one on the market with a Sync Output in the front bottom of the unit to be used as a daisy chain connection with your other equipment.

All buttons, knobs, plugs, and switches work perfectly. The maintenance has been done before to keep the unit in great condition (look at the last picture shown). It has never left the studio for

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