chris randall - exploration.05

Published on Dec 24, 2017 Chris Randall

"I was just horsing about trying to figure out routing, and recorded some simple noodles on the Linnstrument, with Madrona Labs Kaivo providing the synth sounds. Enticing rhythms via Nanoloop Mono via Eventide H9, drones and noises on the four-track (from a tape I had made for another track, natch.)

The Linnstrument and Kaivo/Aalto is a powerful


Published on Dec 19, 2017 Worwell

"Linnstrument/Eurorack patch"

Silent Nite - SunVox Karplus-Strong MPE patch played with Linnstrument

Published on Dec 17, 2017 cube48

"Playing Silent Nite with my custom made 8 voice Karplus-Strong synthesis patch (called KaStro) in MPE project of virtual modular studio SunVox, utilizing Linnstrument's swingy arpeggiator.

Single voice of KaStro can be downloaded from SunVox forum:

For MPE project (channels 1-8) ask on SunVox forum.

Merry Christmas to

SloBo - Bowed Strings synth made in SunVox

Published on Nov 30, 2017 cube48

"Sorry for out of focus video!

Little sound demo of SloBo - a synth made purely with SunVox modules, no samples involved. It's my personal study case of synthesizing a raw approximation of bowed instruments and learning about the articulation techniques of cellos, violins & Co. It's called SloBo because as of now it allows only relatively slow bowing

sleepless on the 25th

sleepless on the 25th by osixoonesevenone

Three spooky drones by osixoonesevenone featuring a eurorack module and Ensoniq ESQm controlled by a Linnstrument.

3D render by Metin Sevin. Note the knobs go from birth to death.

Video below.

"Gear used : 4 x 84 HP and a minicase of Eurorack, Ensoniq ESQ1 m, Linnstrument 128, Eventide Space, a smal Mackie mixer.

The ESQm is controlled by the

Short Improvisation on LinnStrument

Published on Nov 11, 2017 Pulse Emitter

"Practicing for tonight's show (November 11, 2017 at Mothership Music, Portland, Oregon). Playing LinnStrument hooked up to Animoog on iPad, fed through Zoom MS-70CDR effects pedal."

Tony Banks and His Emulator & Phil Collins and LinnDrum

Published on Oct 7, 2015 VCO8

"Tony Banks sampling a telephone on The Farm in 1983 for Genesis' 1983 self-titled album."

Phil Collins and LinnDrum

Published on Oct 7, 2015 VCO8

"This is clip from a Genesis rehearsal video from '86-'87. Mama was originally composed on a Linn LM-1, as opposed to a LinnDrum seen here."

Linnstrument & Nord Rack 3 - Enert Storm Improvisation

Published on Aug 1, 2017 cube48

"Yeah, I know, I should start practicing with metronome :)
Enert Storm is a name of one of my Linnstrument tailor-made MPE patches for Nord Rack 3. Reverbation by Eventide H9.

Sorry for the flickering LEDs, I yet have to find out the right camera setting."

The Replay All mode of LinnStrument's Arpeggiator

Published on Jul 21, 2017 Roger Linn

"LinnStrument's Arpeggiator has a Replay All mode that repeats entire chords at the Arpeggiator rate, a very creative tool for new musical ideas."

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