Make Noise Morphagene + Rhodes piano + Poes the cat = weird music

Published on Dec 11, 2017 Andor Polgar

"Things used in the video: vegan sausage for taming the cat (that's her favorite), Make Noise Morphagene eurorack module, Rhodes Mark I electric piano, Expert Sleepers Disting mk4 for the reverb effect."

I Wish and Superstition sort of

Published on Dec 9, 2017 Randy Piscione

"This is a mash-up of two Stevie Wonder songs, I Wish and Superstition. My right hand is still in alot of pain from a motorcycle accident on October 1st and not completely responding but I did what I could. 4-legged cameo is Charlotte. Lucky she didn't jump on the stool. Would've been a cool video 'though. Details below.

High lead is a Roland A-37

Vintage Rhodes Chroma Analog Synthesizer w/ Road Case+

via this auction

Cool Chroma Paramater Chart below.

"Rhodes Chroma Vintage Poly Analog- 16 voice. 1982
Wooden weighted keys, 64 key range (E1-G6)
True audiophile quality, is basically a polyphonic version of an ARP-2600
(ARP was the original designer) Comes with the original factory patches.

The memory board was replaced by a modified board that has MIDI and CC functions and multiple banks. (

Rheyne - Live Jam #184

Published on Oct 30, 2017 Rheyne

"Live looping with analog synths, a Fender Rhodes, and Ableton Live. Recorded in one take with no pre-recorded loops or samples.

Sound sources:
3x Moog Mother-32
Make Noise DPO
Make Noise 0-Coast
Fender Rhodes"

Escape with the Korg Polysix Rhodes Yamaha DX11 Eurorack

Published on Oct 21, 2017 DJ Peeb

"Lovely chords from the Yamaha DX11 with some midrange sound from the Korg Polysix which turns into a deep rumble with sprinkles of the Rhodes mk1. The Yami and Rhodes were run into the Euro rig with clouds doing it's thing masterfully. All with lashings of verb from the Lexicon MPX110, Roland RE501, Strymon Blue Sky and then Logic's Space Designer."

Rhodes Chroma Demonstration

Published on Oct 1, 2017 Randel Osborne

"This is a demonstration of a restored Rhodes Chroma that I currently have for sale."

I thought this might have been the one just posted below, but the markings and woodgrain look different, so putting this up in a separate post. There's no additional info in the description regarding where this one is for sale. Posting it for the demo.

Rhodes Chroma SN 21030391

via this auction

via the seller: "This is the second Rhodes Chroma restored for me by Chroma guru Randel Osborne. The first one was sold in July.
Refer to Randel's extensive synth restoration work at : otb.redshift-consulting.com/Welcome.html
and his amazing Enabler controller for the Chroma: enabler.redshift-consulting.com

This Chroma is in excellent physical condition for its age and 100%

Phenol & Rhodes 9/15/2017

Published on Sep 15, 2017 SynthMania

Synth: Kilpatrick Audio PHENOL
Electric Piano: Rhodes SeventyThree
piano reverb: Digitech Polara

Rheyne - Morphagene and Rhodes

Published on Sep 2, 2017 Rheyne

"Audio from a Make Noise Morphagene playing splices of my Fender Rhodes. A Moog Mother-32 and an Erica Synths Black Hole DSP are creating the pad in the background.

The reel used in the Morphagene for this patch is available as a free download at the link below. It contains eight splices of chords from the Rhodes, running through an MXR ZW-44 for a little

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