Moog Model 15 Modular Synthesizer

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via the seller: "Moog Model 15, a few months old! I have two so I am selling one.

I am the first owner, it is still within warranty and comes with all cables, boxes, manuals, and includes the certificate of authenticity.

Since I have two, you may pick which one you would like."

1970's Moog Minimoog Model D with Moog 1125 Sample & Hold

Published on May 11, 2016

"In this episode of Funky Vintage, we cover Moog’s crown jewel: the Minimoog Model D. This is the synth that started it all; it brought synthesis out of the laboratory and onto the stage, giving performing musicians access to the iconic synths sounds we know and love today. You’ve undoubtedly heard this classic three-oscillator monophonic synth, although you

Studio Electronics Midimoog with original/vintage Minimoog Model D board

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"Selling a vintage, no-repair/mod Midimoog containing an original Minimoog model D board. This is NOT a Midimini with non-original board, but a rack containing a real Midimoog's circuit. The rack was manufactured by Studio Electronics and is not available anymore.

Real vintage Midimoog sounds with add'l features and MIDI capability. Works with any MIDI controller (I was using

Crumar Bit One Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer Signed by Robert Sledge of Ben Folds Five

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"This Bit One is fully functional and in great condition. This unit sports an autograph from Robert Sledge of Ben Folds Five.

The Bit one is a DCO based analog polysynth from Crumar. Similar in sound and architeture to the Roland Juno-106 and other DCO based synthesizers of the era. It Features 2 DCOs per voice, VCF, 2 LFOs, upper/lower split and double modes, and velocity

Genoqs Nemo Black Sea Edition Sequencer

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Note the bottom pics are stock photos.

"Sequencer with very intuitive programming, yet incredibly deep functionality incl. custom scales, polyphonic events per step, shuffle per step, complex modulation functions ... Programmable parameters can be set individually per step, sequence or page (group of sequences). Pages can be combined into chains, so that complex arrangements

ARP 2600 Rev .2/4 SN 14616

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Note this one was listed back in September, 2015 here.

"This is an ARP 2600 synthesizer. However, the configuration shown here is not exactly typical, and those who know this synthesizer will recognize the importance of these features. The synthesizer itself is a Rev.2, while the keyboard is a Rev.4 3620 two-voice model. Definitely NOT an 'off-the-floor' setup, but here's why

Roland SH-5

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"It was recently brought in for cleaning and calibration to Jim Nelson of Audio Operations. Jim is widely known in Toronto as one of the premiere synth technicians in the region and worked for many years as the head service technician for Roland Canada. This unit came in and back with a clean bill of health: The pots and faders do not exhibit any pops or crackles and it is

Crumar Trilogy Demo

Published on Oct 16, 2015 Quedeville Tony

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"The name Trilogy of course (in the same vein were, for example, the Korg Trident, the ARP Omni 1/2, and the Moog Opus 3) comes from the fact that this instrument features three sections: Organ, Strings, and Synthesizer.
These 'Multi-Instrument Keyboards', as they were called at the time, were very popular among keyboardists -

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