Metasonix TM-1 Waveshaper/Ringmod Golden Yellow

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"If you're here then you know what it does. It does a kind of waveshaping distortion, not dissimilar to PLL type noises, but not the same either. It enjoys spiky/choppy waveforms (run your guitar through a fuzz first if this is your use) and it really shines in the modular environment where you can control the incessant angry TUBE HARSH NOISE with envelopes.

Either way,

Elektronika EM-25 String Organ Synth

Published on Mar 22, 2018 SergeyArmavir

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"Synth has a very warm and fat strings, organ, brass, smooth leads and more. THE SYNTH CAN BE EXTERNAL CONTROLED - IT HAVE CV/GATE INTERFACE! 49-note (C-C) polyphonic string / brass / organ keyboard. Control of string and organ envelopes. Brass section has ADSR, LFO with vibrato delay and rate control, filter with resonance. Single or

ARP Pro/DGX W/Midi

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"Great shape for an oldie but goodie."

Oberheim OB-8 SN C44315

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"Very clean condition, fully functional! Purchased from original owner who used it very lightly. Comes with manual print out and power cable."

1979 Yamaha CS-50 Analog Synthesizer SN 2152

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Pic of the inside below.

"This 4 polyphony voiced Yamaha is in great condition has its original case & cover. Comes with original sheet music holder. One of the legs is missing the washer between the foot and leg.(pic14). The legs store in the case and the cord stores in a compartment located on the bottom of the case."

Roland SH-7

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"SH-7 is an amazing flagship synth from that Roland era. It has Ring modulation, 3 VCOs, LPF + HPF, 2 enveloppes, ext input etc ..."

Oberheim OB-8 w/ MIDI

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"The OB-8 is a very warm and rich sounding eight voice polyphonic synthesizer with that classic Oberheim sound. Because it was released just before MIDI debuted, the OB-8 had no MIDI implementation originally, but some models were retrofitted with 9-channel MIDI implementation. The OB-8 did use Oberheim's very own digital buss system making the OB-8 the center-piece of your

Roland System 100m

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Model 172 Phase Shifter, Delay & LFO SN 950413
Model 140 Dual ENV & LFO SN 052196
Model 130 Dual VCA SN 800422
Model 121 Dual VCF SN 071650
Model 112 Dual VCO SN 061792

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