Korg 770 Electronic Synthesizer SN 760051

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Two things I never really noticed:

1. The KORG Synthesizer badge on the front panel is indented.

2. The serial number badge on the back actually states "Electronic Synthesizer"

Sometimes I think people just come up with creative descriptions in the titles of their listings, but often they are actually going with what's on the synth itself.

"Blue-Eyed" Korg Polysix - recently restored, with MIDI and a Synth Cat

"A rather familiar bass-line. I'm just testing a newly-repaired Korg Polysix. This is playing in unison mode, although with only five ganged voices. No effects other than a small amount of reverb."

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"Sadly, something has to give. Too much kit in my life!

This is a 1982 Korg Polysix in excellent condition. It's been fully restored within the past two years, and is in really

Roland SH7 synthesiser in superb condition

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"Launched by Roland in the late 70s as their flagship monosynth at the time, the culmination of the legendary SH range. Its a powerful and flexible beast and rare to find too, particularly in this condition.

About this Roland SH7

Overall, the synth is in superb working condition.

The front panel is very clean, with hardly a mark to be seen, just small blemishes. The side

Roland JD-800 w/ New Keybed

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"Serviced - incl NEW keybed installed."

Akai VX600 synthesiser in excellent condition SN 30615-00543

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"Overall, the synth is in superb working condition. The front panel is very clean, with hardly a mark to be seen, just small blemishes. The aluminium side panels are really tidy with only minor marks. The back panel is very clean with only minor blemishes to the paintwork.

All knobs, sliders, buttons and switches are present, original and function correctly.

The unit has been

Korg Poly Ensemble PE-1000 Analog Synthesizer

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"The Polyphonic Ensemble P was one of KORG's first polyphonic instruments. Instead of using divide down oscillator technology to achieve full polyphony, the PE-1000 is one of a very few paraphonic (or polyphonic) synths from the 1970s which has a seperate oscillator per key, if not the only one, which makes it sound richer since detuning between octaves is possible (that's what

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 with MIDI SN 3313

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"Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 in excellent condition (as you can see on the pictures).
Rev 3.2 (serial n°3313) with MIDI"

Was listed as a 3.3 back in Feb, 2017, in another listing.

Oto Machines Biscuit - Lo-Fi Delay / Filter / Distortion Effects Box

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See the seller's other items for some other "odd/rare" items.

"If you're looking at this listing, then you're probably already aware of the cult following the Biscuit has. One of the coolest delays I've heard, and that's just scratching the surface. One of my favorite easter eggs of the Biscuit is the bassline synth mode, Der Oto, which has an especially cool 2-op FM algorithm

*Custom One of a kind. 4U rackmount Metasonix KV-100 Assblaster "Brony edition" *Signed on back.

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via this seller: "This is a beyond special collectors items and I will probably only list it for a day or two so here goes..
Cosmetically & functionally perfect. Original lunchbox not included - this has been converted to a sweet 4U rackmount unit, custom-made to Metasonix's spec (and signed by the man himself! See pic's) kept in a clean, smoke-free space.

This is completely

Roland Mc-8 Microcomposer And Mc-8 Interface w/ Extras

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You can find an unboxing video by peahix for another unit in the listing and previously posted here. Note the seller is not peahix.

"The MicroComposer can accurately adjust various production elements and sound effects of a synthesizer, such as VCO, VCF and other voltage controlled components, which is almost impossible to perform manually by an interpreter. The MC-8 was

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