New Order on the Volca Sample

Published on Mar 11, 2018 Retrokits

"This video uses Seq24 and RK-002 to play New Orders' Blue Monday on a Korg Volca Sample.

This ultimately weird looking RaspberryPi 3 is running Seq24 to send out MIDI via our serial port driver to the connected RK-004.

More info on the RPi serial MIDI driver can be found here:

The RK-002 does real-time MIDI processing

The RK-002 PolyMUX effect

Published on Jan 31, 2018 Retrokits

"PolyMUX is a MIDI chain (polychain) effect in the RK-002/MOD firmware.

You can use it inside multi-MIDI channel machines like the Digitakt ( [see this post] ), Electribe,... but also with... well anything MIDI.... who knows what will come out right?

The PolyMUX setting can be changed on your RK-002/MOD on this settings page:

RK-002 DUY Generates Euclidean Rhythms

Published on Jan 22, 2018 Retrokits

"Making /DUY apps for the RK-002 does not confine to just remapping some notes or MIDI controllers: In this example the RK-002 generates rhythm patterns all by itself. Hookup your favourite drum machine to it and press 'GO'!

The apps for the /DUY firmware are downloadable via our RK-002/DUY Exchange Portal."

Volca Ambient & Techno Jam (2018-01-19 Part I)

Published on Jan 20, 2018 Slenterende Beer

"Live jam using 4 Korg Volcas and some effects.

Korg Volca Sample + Retrokits RK-002
Korg Volca Bass + Zoom MS-50G
Korg Volca Keys + GFI System Specular Reverb V2
Korg Volca FM + Zoom MS-70CDR
Arturia Beatstep Pro
Arturia Keystep
Retrokits RK-004
Behringer XENYX QX1002USB

Recorded with iPhone 7 and Behringer UCA202.
Samples by Loopmasters."

JX-03 + RK-002 with /DUY Sketch to Transpose Sequences

Published on Jan 17, 2018 Retrokits

"Apart from the existing RK-002 firmwares for the Volca sample, FM, Kaossilator, Digitakt,... The 'DUY' is a new RK002 firmware which is able to run Arduino sketches.

We have shown some small examples on various channels, Euclidean generators, CC-to-Sysex converters,... and this is a more simple example of a MIDI hack: converting note-numbers to pitch-bend

Digitakt + RK 002 settings tutorial

Published on Jan 11, 2018 Dave mech

"In this video I show you how to setup the Digitakt and RK-002 cable to be able to play the Digitakt as a polysynth. You can check out a thorough demonstration of this over here:" [posted here]

Volca jam for Jamuary 2018, day 6

Published on Jan 6, 2018 Slenterende Beer

"'Jamuary' is a yearly event where people upload short music jams every day throughout the month of January. This submission is for January 6th.

This jam I tried something new: play 3 Volcas at the same time! I control the Bass, FM and Keys with the Keystep. The Bass is tuned an octave higher than the Keys.

Also, in this jam I used the Specular

Digitakt + RK-002 POLYPHONIC synthesizer

Published on Jan 1, 2018 Dave mech

"In this video I thoroughly demo the rk-002 cable by retrokits in combination with the Elektron Digitakt. The Digitakt becomes a wonderful polyphonic synthesizer!

It's the longest video I recorded up till now. I start building a patch from scratch. If you want to hear more complex immediately sounds, just skip to 15+ minutes :)

You can order the rk-002 here

RK-002 Arpeggiator on the Roland Alpha Juno

Published on Jun 2, 2017 Retrokits

"A small demo of the RK-002 Arpeggiator firmware used with the Alpha Juno and Volca Sample. You can check the firmware's key command settings on this RK-002 firmware page:"

RK-002 Polyphony/PolyMUX on the Volca Sample

Published on May 30, 2017 Retrokits

"As of RK-002 Volca Sample firmware v47+ you can now use chromatic and polyphonic play on the volca sample!

In earlier firmwares it was already possible to set one specific channel to respond to MIDI keys and play a melody; MIDI Program Change messages 1-10 would fix a volca sample channel to chromatic play but with our new firmware this has been expanded:

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