Black RE-303 Roland TB-303

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"Professionally built and working perfectly, this unit has the quicksilver upgraded CPU."

Roland TB-303 Bassline Devilfish Quicksilver Synthesizer SN 281

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via the seller: "Selling the ultimate 303!! I had this 303 modified by Robin a few years ago, he installed the Quicksilver CPU and did all devilfish mods. This 303 is amazing, it looks great and sounds amazing!!"

ROLAND TR-606 Drumatix Vintage Drum Machine with Quicksilver CPU

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"Up for auction is a fully functional Roland TR-606 Drumatix drum machine - those hats! This one has had the Social Entropy Quicksilver 606 CPU installed, with both the 5 pin DIN MIDI in/out (via included adapter cables) and USB MIDI (in the battery compartment) options. Please do yourself a favour and review the Quicksilver specs on the Social Entropy website. Social Entropy

Roland TR-606 EXFADE MKII & Quicksilver Mods Analog Acid Drum Machine Synth

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"The Exfade MKII mods add lots of sound shaping control over each voice, separate 1/4" outs and mute switches. The Quicksilver mod brings the TR-606 into the 21st century with tons of new sequencer applications and full Midi in and out."

Roland TB-303 Bassline Synthesizer w/ Quicksilver CPU Mod

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"Here's the deal. The resonance filter cut out a couple days ago and most likely just needs to be re-soddered. That's it. Otherwise fully functional and installed with the amazing Social Entropy Quicksilver 303 Mod, which makes it just about as user-friendly as just about any step-based mono synth in existence. The mod also makes it fully MIDI-integrated. Check out social

Engine - New Sequencers From Quicksilver Maker Social Entropy

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"Social Entropy (Ripe) Creator of the Quicksilver 303/606 CPU's is showing his new 8-track prototype sequencer at NAMM this year called the Engine.

It has a raft of features similar to the TB-303 and TR-606 QS CPU's, and also a lot of other new features like skip (only seen on analog sequencers) and many more.

There is also USB, and an optional CV/Gate add-on too

Roland TB-303 Bassline Synthesizer SN 231500 with Quicksilver USB MIDI Upgrade

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Note the USB jack is in the battery compartment.

" A extremely clean 303 with the very coveted (and expensive) quicksilver USB upgrade. You can read all about it at socialentropy dot com but it allows USB midi and power and a host of really awesome features (including the blue leds!!) Includes original Roland leather case and a power supply."

Custom Roland TR-606 (Decay mods, Ind. outs, Quicksilver CPU upgrade)


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"Up for grabs is my custom 606. The unit was originally restored and modded by Diabolical Devices. The mod adds tone controls for Bass Drum and Snare (can provide more specifics), individual outputs, and Custom Leds (see pics). This unit was then sent to Social Entropy for Quick Silver CPU installation.

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