The Matrix, With An A Capella Soundtrack! Pew-Pew!

'The Matrix' Lobby Scene with A capella Multitrack - Matt Mulholland was uploaded by: mattmulholland26Duration: 133Rating:

Thor Synthesizer’s Multi-Osc, Noise Osc, and Filters

Click here to view the embedded video.James Bernard is coming close to the end of his 52 week series on Propellerhead Reason. This week, he takes another look at Thor Polysonic Synthesizer, focusing on Thor’s Multi-Osc, Noise Osc, and Filters.via PropellerheadSW:If you’ve made it this far into Synth School without dropping out or changing your major to something less technical, then congratulations. You’re nearly ready for graduation day. Today we’ll be picking up where we left off with Thor’s oscillator types, namely the multi-oscillator and the noise oscillator. There’s a lot to these simple looking modules! From there we’ll move over and take a look at the filter sections in Thor and I’ll introduce you to the semi-modular routing buttons which help move signals through Thor.

Filter Research 2 - Key Split FX Documentation

Filter Research 2 - Key Split FX Documentation from Jeremy Janzen on Vimeo.Filter Research 2 for Propellerheads Reason demo tutorial.

Oxygene 13 cover

YouTube via albertspyker | September 12, 2010"Jean Michel Jarre's Oxygene 13 cover played on Eminent 310 portable. Drums are made in Propellerhead Reason V4.I dedicate this track to my dear friend Teja Krasek."

Beatseqr and reason 5 kong #1

YouTube via stevecooley | September 10, 2010"A short demo of being able to use the midi cc toggles in reason 5 kong drum designer. Woooo yeah!"

Kong 808 Refill for Reason 5 / Record 1.5 Preview

YouTube via PeffTV | August 31, 2010"First and foremost, this is an attempt to create a usable Roland TR-808 sample set for the Kong Drum Designer in Propellerhead Software Reason 5 / Record 1.5. From there, it's become a sound design experiment to see how the original sounds can be manipulated using the various effects in the Kong Drum Designer device. This is a preview of some of the patch

Upcoming ReFill: Bitley Supersonic

YouTube via bitleyTM | August 31, 2010"The Supersonic ReFill is my largest ReFill production this far, including all of the Fairlight CMI Legacy & Supremacy sounds, the Orlando JX10 and The Prophet refills; the DaBeat refill, brand new recordings of analog and digital gear and even acoustic recordings. Supersonic is scheduled for relase before November, 2010, and will cost $199."

Propellerhead Reason 5 Teil 1

YouTube via musotalk | August 30, 2010"Reason, das schwedische Audio-Rack mit Hardware Vorbild, ist mit der neuen Version 5 wieder ein Stück besser geworden. Auch wenn nicht alles sensationell neu ist, so sind es doch immer sinnvolle Reason-Erweiterungen.Wir checken die neuen Features: Blocks, Dr. Octo Rex, Kong und den neuen Sampling Input ausführlich an.Wir klären für wen es sich definitiv

Hybrid Aggression Beats vs Dr Octo Rex

YouTube via resonantfilterblog | August 28, 2010"Beats from Neoverse ( Dr Octo Rex from Reason 5. I'm using the pads on my Akai LPD-8 to switch between the 8 different loops slots in Dr Octo. The knobs are set-up to control the size of "Trigger Next Loop" (Bar, Beat, 1/16),

CycleOn with Reason 5 + Record 1.5 and Dr.OctoRex

YouTube via PeffTV | August 28, 2010"CycleOn is fully compatible with the Record + Reason 5 duo package. This video describes a method of modifying the combinator patches to take advantage of the new Dr.OctoRex loop player. Eight pairs of loops can be blended and tweaked by adjusting the mod wheel.More information available on my website: 5 +

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