Plan b

Plan b

Peter Grendader - Brief tour, demo and excuses for my live rig

Published on Aug 21, 2016 Peter Grenader

"A short overview of the live analog/digital hybrid modular instrument used by Peter Grenader for live work within the ensemble The zZyzx Society. enjoy, or not!


See this post for my interview with Peter Grenader on The zZyzx Society.

An Interview with Peter Grenader on The ZZYZX Society

The following is an interview with Peter Grenader of Electro-Acoustic Research (formally Plan b). The focus of the interview is mainly on his involvement with The ZZYZX Society, however you will find plenty of insight into gear, including some of what Peter is working on next. I want to give Peter a huge thanks for taking the time out for this.

1. To start, what is the ZZYZX Society?


Unboxing the Model 41: a striking moment of humility & appreciation

Published on Jun 18, 2016 Peter Grenader

"Completely, utterly blown away at the response this post has received on social media (FB). For those of you who know the backstory involved, this was a very big day for me.

The same thing happened to my dad's career. At 62, when most hang up their cleats he started a second career not knowing as I didn't if this one would take. It did,and he worked at

The SynthSummitShow episode 11: Electro-Acoustic Research Peter Grenader

Streamed live 3 hours ago Flux302 of

" presents the SynthSummitShow , a semi weekly show dedicated to Synths and the people behind them. This week we have Peter Grenader of Electro-Acoustic Research (formerly Plan B modular)"

Thighpaulsandra: Demo of EAR Model 41 Steiner 4P Filter

Published on Jun 4, 2016 Peter Grenader

"Thighpaulsandra (of Coil and Spiritualized) testing the limits and demented personality of the new Electro-Acoustic Research Steiner 4P Filter."

The ZZYZX Society Featuring Jill Fraser, Peter Grenader, and Chas Smith Live in Joshua Tree May 28

"We are pleased to announced the premier performance of The zZyzx Society electro-acoustic ensemble - live at Bobby Furst's FURSTWURLD in Joshua Tree, CA May 28th: 7PM.

Join Jill Fraser (electronics), Peter Grenader (electronics) and Chas Smith (tuned percussion) for a night of peace in the desert in person, or via web simulcast."

Peter Grenader is the man behind

Plan B Model 17 Triple Event Timer: the one nobody "got"

Published on Jan 17, 2016 Peter Grenader

"Of all the 26 products in the Plan B line, this was the only one which tanked. Few understood it, but those who did got more than 1. While it is not being exercised close to it's full potential in this video, you can get a description of what it was capable of here:"

Plan B Model 17 Triple Event Timer: reprize

Tour of THE BEAST - Plan B

Published on Dec 18, 2015 Peter Grenader

"The long awaited, always changing arsenal that is what must surely be the largest Plan B synth on this planet."

Serge Modular meets Hordijk meets Plan B

Serge Modular meets Hordijk meets Plan B from richard scott on Vimeo.

"Connecting it all up for the first time. I always wanted to replace the VCOs in my system with Hordijk and Buchla 258 style oscillators, and now I have"

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