Marina Porch (Microkorg & Volca FM)

Published on Dec 9, 2017 The Droste Effect

"Listen on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-101229671...

An experimental ambient track recorded live, outside in the freezing cold.

Gear used:
- Microkorg
- Volca FM
- Behringer UMC204HD

Recorded using Logic Pro X and the Valhalla Shimmer reverb."

Korg Volca FM Synth Demo Jam

Published on Nov 22, 2017 Boredbrain Music

"Here's a techno jam from Boredbrain featuring the Korg Volca FM digital synthesizer and Roland TR-606 vintage analog drum machine. Effects used are Moog Minifooger MF-Delay and Korg Monotron Delay. The Volca is tempo synced to the 606 via the tom trigger output.

The jam starts with a chain of sequences using a bell-type tone getting slightly

Eternal Function @ Synths in the Catskills August 26, 2017

Published on Oct 26, 2017 egnekn

"Gen Ken Montgomery & David B. Greenberg

Thank you Bryan Doll"

See all performances @ Synths in the Catskills here.

deltAdata - Down The Rabbit Hole (Synth Jam, pLock, Circuit , Sunrizer)

Published on Nov 10, 2017 deltAdata

"All sounds are produced by only ONE instance of Beepstreet Sunrizer on ipad mini 1, midi sequenced by Novation Circuit with a lot of step automations !
Audio recorded directly inside Sunrizer, then some COMP and EQ was used with Reaper.
Video recorded with Sony Xperia Z3C (head) and ipad 2 (front), main editing done with imovie ipad and the final video

skinnerbox: digitakt into the sunrise

Published on Nov 8, 2017 skinnerbox

"the last one of the trilogy, shot in the north of israel"

On the back / top of a truck.

skinnerbox digitakt

skinnerbox: the digitakt and the olive tree

Published on Nov 6, 2017 skinnerbox

"shot in the north of israel"

skinnerbox - digitakt vs mediterranean

Published on Nov 3, 2017 skinnerbox

"shot in the north of israel"

Lightbath's Synth's in the Catskills Event

The following are live performances in order for Lightbath's "Synth's in the Catskills" event. Lightbath's performance is last. Gen Ken + DBG's performance is yet to be uploaded. I will put up a new post letting everyone know if/when it has been added.

Buchla Music Easel Live in the Catskills

August 26, 2017 Published on Oct 24, 2017 sean julian

"A short live set on the BEMI music easel

deltAdata : Hyperdrive (acid breakbeat circuit jam)

Published on Oct 23, 2017 deltAdata

"Outdoor Novation Circuit 1.6 Acid Breakbeat jam, audio recorded with Line 6 Sonicport VX and ipad mini with some AU:FXpush compression added in post production, video recorded with Sony Xperia z3c (head) and ipad mini 1 (side), imovie was used for main video editing and After Effect for final video tunning, some beers were used too...

The acid patch is home

Treat Yourself :)