Published on Oct 17, 2017 transient (noisyvagabond)

"so this is my first attempt at a circuit based synth. it makes some horrible noises. that's why it's called 'do capacitors dream of electric death?', it sounds like electricity trying to die.
i don't know if it's really useful (the intro tune was a quick little something i made up in Sunvox with noises only from the synth.) But i'm quite

Electro Traveller - Digitakt 2

Published on Oct 12, 2017 Metunar

"Second live performance with the Elektron Digitakt.
Recorded in the Onsernone Valley in the south of Switzerland.


Live Modular Synth Impro by Solar #05

Live Modular Synth Impro by Solar #05 from Hira on Vimeo.

"Live to 2 track" recording
Modular Synth,Sound system,Vibration Speakers(Resonator) cymbal,Bass Drum
by portable solar power generation system
Wind sensor_Synthesis Technology E350 Morphing Terrarium
Windmill_KOMA Elektronik, Field Kit
Mutable Instruments Clouds/Peaks/Rings
Cwejman VCA-4MX Quad VCA Mixer

Making Waves With Erbe || Make Noise Shared System

Published on Aug 29, 2017 Luke Sanger

"Emulating the sound of sea waves, by modulating the decay parameter on Erbe-Verb via a cycling envelope from Maths.
Many environmental fx (wind, rain, thunder, waves etc) can be approximated by manipulating a noise source.
The Erbe-Verb, with it's many patch points, is ideal for this type of sound design."

Circuit + Volca FM on the open sea!

Published on Aug 17, 2017 Wouter van Leeuwen

"I made music on the ferry from Dunkirk to Dover. It was horrible. Way too much sun to properly see the LED's on my gear and the boat was stable, but shaky enough to make it hard to set everything up properly. I somehow managed to record an actual track while i was on the ferry.


brett naucke @ lost arts

Published on Aug 13, 2017


Modular On The Spot 2yr Anniversary Videos - Modular Performances on a River Bank

Mike Dobler - Modular On The Spot 2yr Anniversary

Cycling '74
Published on Aug 8, 2017

So awesome! :) Looks like an orange and black ARP 2600 & various eurorack gear.

Rodent516 - Modular On The Spot 2yr Anniversary

Stephen McCaul & Sean Jimmerson - Modular On The Spot 2yr Anniversary

Cycling '74
Published on Aug 8, 2017

Modular Field Trip Ep. 04 - Road Trip w/ Rings, Clouds and Ornament + Crime

ann annie
Published on Aug 2, 2017

"Today's field trip consists of 4 different locations in 4 different states. After two weeks of traveling, the pieces finally are together. Everything you see was played live.

**Patch notes and location jumps below**
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00:00 - Skidmore Bluffs (Portland, OR)
02:11 - City of Rocks (Idaho)
04:01 - Goblin Valley (

Minimal Outdoor Jam (SAMPLR + VOLCA FM)

Published on Aug 2, 2017

"Just a quick summer jam recorded in my all-time favorite place :)

iPad SAMPLR + VOLCA FM + Line 6 Sonic Port + Zoom H1 (Volca Reverb & Delay from Line 6 Mobile Pod)."

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