1985 Oxford Synthesiser Company OSCar Ad

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"Oxford Synthesiser Company OSCar 'Why would anyone buy this ugly, monophonic synthesizer' ad, Keyboard 1985"

The PULSCar files - #2

Published on Mar 6, 2018 Stereoping

"2nd remix - trying to make songs from raw ideas i sketched in the 90ies when i had an OSCar. Other gear used: Korg Poly6, Roland Juno6, Alesis AirFX, Yamaha R-1000 and 2 x Boss SE-50. As i lack a real OSCar today i try to substitude it with the PULSCar - a Pulse where it's ladder-VCF was replaced with the double 13600-OTA-VCF of the OSCar. The

Oxford Synthesizer Company OSCar SN 0305

via this auction

"For sale here is a rare OSCar from Oxford Synthesiser Company. This OSCar has midi and is 100% fully functional. It has been serviced recently and plays perfectly. Cosmetically it's in excellent shape with only minor wear to the graphics and a small mark on one of the keys. It sounds AMAZING, with a huge set of features for the time, including programmable harmonic waveforms,

Oxford Synthesiser Company OSCAR SN 0157

via this auction

"Recently serviced here in Sydney by Steve Jones who knows these synths inside out. Everything has been test including MIDI.

There heart of the OSCar is in its filter section. It has two 12dB/octave filters which can be linked in series for a 24dB/octave slope. The sound this synth can produce is extremely aggressive, which is the hallmark of this great synth.


The PULSCar files - #1

Published on Jan 24, 2018 Stereoping

"First track in a remix series of some songs i made in the 90ies when i still had an OSCar synthesizer. As the OSCars are as expensive as rare nowadays, i am currently trying to build a sustitude by transplanting a DIY OSCar VCF into a Waldorf Pulse, replacing it's ladder filter and interfacing the Pulse's internal control voltages. Being half PULSE, half

OSCar Synthesizer | The New Romance

Published on Jan 21, 2018 Alex Ball

"A friend of mine brought over his 1983 OSCar analogue monosynth for the day. A fairly rare synth, they were used heavily by Ultravox.

So, we unleashed our New Romantic side.

OSCar (sequences, bass, leads, FX)
Yamaha DX7 (bell piano)
Roland JX-3P (pads)
Roland Juno-6 (pads)
Roland SH-101 (some doubling of bass parts)
Rhythmic Robot EMU Emulator II

PULScar - Waldorf Pulse + OSCar DIY Hybrid by Stereoping

CBD Computer Drums - ft. SDS8,TQ-5,JX-03,K4,PULScar

Published on Nov 15, 2017 Stereoping

Note the focus of this video from Stereoping is on his midified CRB Computer Drums. What caught my attention though was his PULScar mentioned in the second paragraph below.

"Rough testsong for a midified CRB Computer Drums. The digital part or this rare drumcomputer was completely broken and ripped off to

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