New Prototype Optigan/Orchestron Disc Player - Sound Demo

Published on Nov 14, 2017 optigandotcom

"Robert Becker has been making steady progress (in his spare time) on his new Optigan/Orchestron disc player, which we hope will be put into production at some point. There's still lots of work to be done, bugs to iron out, things to be fine-tuned, code to be optimized, etc, but it's currently playable (via MIDI), and the basic sound quality is quite good

iOptigan - MIDI Chord Detection Modes Tutorial

Published on Nov 7, 2017 optigandotcom

iTunes: iOptigan - Stefan Stenzel

"Another iOptigan tip, until we finish the user manual: there are three triggering modes for the chord buttons, selectable in the settings.

"MIDI G#0-E2 for Chords" lays out all the chord buttons in a chromatic mapping. Priority was placed on fitting everything with the keyboard scale on a standard 61-note keyboard, so

iOptigan - Optigan for iPad & iPhone - Demo Song - midori2tree - Optiganally Yours

Published on Nov 2, 2017 optigandotcom

iTunes: iOptigan - Stefan Stenzel

"Pea Hicks of optigan.com and Stefan Stenzel of Waldorf present... iOptigan!

Now available in the iOS app store!

PLEASE NOTE: if you're listening to this demo on a mobile device, you may have trouble hearing the keyboard part in the right channel, due to a YouTube quirk. For best results, please listen on a regular PC.

1975 Photo Essay - How to Make an Optigan Disc

Published on Apr 14, 2017 optigandotcom

"I had some Optigan odds & ends sitting around and decided to mash them all up into one video. The slide show is from a photo album that Mike LeDoux (the guy in charge of making all the original Optigan discs) put together in 1975 in order to, basically, show his corporate overlords at Miner Industries / Opsonar (this was in the post-Mattel era) why they

Optigan / Orchestron / Talentmaker - The Optical Organ Toolkit

Published on Mar 24, 2017 optigandotcom

"This is an informercial for a downloadable sample library of Optigan, Orchestron, and Talentmaker loops. More info in the video and at http://optigan.com/shoptigan/soundwar..."

Vako Orchestron Optical Disc Playback Sampler

Published on Mar 24, 2017 optigandotcom

"Here's a demo of all 8 original discs that were made for the Vako Orchestron (we're now starting to make new discs- see http://www.blogtigan.wordpress.com). This keyboard, which is adapted from the Mattel Optigan, was introduced in 1975 by Dave VanKoevering. It was intended to be a competitor to the Mellotron, but it never really took off. Kraftwerk was

Optigan Recordings by Johnny Largo

Published on Mar 22, 2017 optigandotcom

"These are demo recordings of the Optigan made by in-house musical director Johnny Largo (aka Johnny La Padula - see http://optigan.com/info/optigan/emplo...). Much of this material has not previously been heard, having languished on the original studio master tapes for 45 years. This will give a good sense of what the Optigan can sound like in the hands

Optigan 35011

Published on Mar 5, 2017 keyboard resource

New 2017 Optigan Disc - DARKSOPHONE - Feat. Pall Jenkins

Published on Feb 14, 2017 optigandotcom

via optigan.com

"We have a new Optigan disc! From indie rock veteran Pall Jenkins (The Black Heart Procession, Three Mile Pilot) come the haunting sounds of DARKSOPHONE, featuring musical saw, Marxophone, skeletal guitar and heavy drums. Since the saw and Marxophone both have limited ranges, we’ve split the keyboard, placing the saw on the lower half and

New 2016 Vako Orchestron Disc - DREHORGEL Released

Uploaded on Oct 25, 2016 optigandotcom

"Now taking pre-orders! Place your order at http://optigan.com/shoptigan/new-opti...

A new release in our line of Vako Orchestron discs, DREHORGEL. It's unlikely that there will be sufficient demand to do a second run of 25 of these discs, so your best bet is to buy as many of these as you need while you can!

DREHORGEL is a newly recorded sound for the

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